Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Walter & Rosie Candle Co! Review

I have a review on some wax tarts today! These are not like any other wax I have reviewed here on my blog before. These are super special and really hit home when I stumbled across these on the internet. The name of this shop is called Walter and Rosie Candle Co and they make a wide range of wax that are Disney inspired! Yep that's right Disney Wax. If you are Disney obsessed like me then these are a must, especially when your away from Disney I know it gets hard and these make it a little bit more manageable lol.

I was sent three different wax tarts to try out and I am so thrilled to share these with you! The scents I received are Citrus Swirl, Polynesian and Main Street Confectionary. Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is lol. These are packaged just like any other wax tarts you find pretty much anywhere. Each package contains 6 cubes of wax. You simply break off one piece of wax and place into your warmer and then you are good to go! Let's get a close look at each on these scents and see how amazing they are I am so excited to see what these smell like!

Up first we have Citrus Swirl. This automatically makes me want a Dole Whip from Disney lol. I could smell this one over the two other as soon as I opened my mail. I didn't even have to open the wax itself before getting a whiff of this. Let me just tell you this smells amazing! It smells just like a creamsicle. I'm not a huge fan of Citrus stuff, but I easily make an exception with this lol. I cant get over how good this smells!
The description of this scent is:
"On your next "adventure" don't forget to grab a sweet treat from the orange bird filled with touches of orange citrus and vanilla."

Up next we have Polynesian which I was unsure how this one was going to smell. I really like this one too! It smells really fruity which is another one of my favorite scents. This is a really relaxing scent and reminds me of the beach. It is super relaxing! I really love this scent as well. I think this is going to be my go to scent over the summer!
The description for this scent is:
"Aloha with a touch of sweet melon, raspberry nectar, Italian lemon and creamy coconut."

The last wax tart I have to share with you all is called Main Street Confectionary. This is the one I wanted to try the most, considering this is my favorite place in Disney and I love the smell of that place. Let me just say Oh my goodness! Sugar overload. This smells soooo good it's not even funny. It is sooo sweet and smells just like candy which is huge hit for me. If you like sweet scents then this is the scent for you!
The description for this scent is:
"Everyone’s favorite summer time treat, this candy-like scent with touches of sweet vanilla and orange will leave you wishing you were in line grabbing a bag right now."

My final thought on these wax tarts is over the roof! These are by far the most amazing smelling tarts I have ever tried. The scents are super powerful in the packaging and in the warmers as well. The Citrus Swirl filled my entire home with this scent and I can't get over how powerful these truly are. The fact that these are Disney just makes these even more special. I love these and I highly recommend checking them out.
Stay tuned because more review for this amazing shop will be coming soon!
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