Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sara The Tick Lady! Review

Sara The Tick Lady is the name of the online Etsy store I will be reviewing for you all today. This is an online store that sells a ton of stickers for your planner. She sells a large assortment of these stickers and even makes custom ones for your own planner. Whatever your in the market for I'm sure Sara could hook you right up! I have worked with her in the past and I will make sure to include the link to my previous blog post with my other review of her shop.
Sara was kind enough to send me two sheet of stickers from her shop. These stickers are pretty similar but they also are a little different as well. The first sheet of stickers I will be showing you all today are these Saint Patrick's Day ones! These are a count down to the Holiday and I love these! There are 12 stickers on this sheet. This is the perfect way to get your planner in the mode for Saint Patrick's Day. The design of these stickers feature a rainbow background followed with big shamrocks! I think these are beyond perfect! I love how much color is on these stickers, it will definitely liven up your planner which is always fun! I guess you could call me a planner freak lol. I love making my planner look very neat, and organized and fun as well and with these stickers they really do the job!

The next sheet of stickers has the same kind of theme as the St Patty's Day ones, except these are Easter. I think these are just as adorable as well. I love these because through out the countdown it switches between eastern eggs and Easter bunnies. I love the colors in these too, super colorful and bright. They have the same rainbow background as the St Patty's Day ones which really pops when you place it on white paper. I think the best thing about these stickers are that they are made on paper and not plastic. I hate plastic stickers because they always seem to peel up from the paper, but I can assure you that isn't the case with these. Once you place these down there is no hope in getting them up which is great.

This shop owner has some amazing products in her shop and they really are super cute! Sara herself is a really friendly shop owner as well. If you have anything in mind for some stickers for your planner please have no hesitation to contact her. She will help you out. I want to again thank Sara for sending me these stickers I cant wait to place them in the my planner!
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