Monday, March 14, 2016

Munchpak Subscription Box! Review

Today I have another subscription unboxing/review for all of you today. Today we will be getting a closer look at a box called MunchPak! As you could probably guess from the name of the box you can already tell that this box is going to contain food. This box is a little different however. Inside your not going to find your everyday groceries/snacks you would find in the supermarket, instead you are going to find snacks that you could find all over the world. These boxes are pretty cool because they come in a few different sizes so you can figure out which one is the best for you and your family. The one I will be reviewing today is the Mini size which costs $9.99. Let's get on to the unboxing and review!
Right away this is what I see. There isn't a card in my box, so I'm hoping there is one at the bottom of my box. As you can see this is pretty full or being such a small box. I'm excited to have a look at all these items and I am a little hungry too so this box is going to be perfect for me right now lol.

The first thing I pulled out, which was sitting right on top is a bag of Chips by the brand Kurleez. These are in the flavor sour cream and onion. Right away I noticed that the bag was pretty filled with air so I was hoping they were not stale from all the air being trapped inside the bag. Unfortunately they were a little stale but that's okay. I would have to say for being a little stale these were the best stale chips I have ever had in my entire life lol. I would for sure try these again. They were really good!

Next up we have another food product. This one I cant really read. From the picture I assumed that this would be a wafer type cookie and I was right. I know most of you have seen this in the store. It's a wafer type cookie and that a few layers to it and they are usually really light and crispy. I can tell you that these were amazing! It was split between two squares so you can share them with someone but to be honest with you I didn't want to share. I ate both of these immediately and really couldn't help myself....oopsies!

Next up we have Big Thunder which appears to be a big Chocolate bar. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate so this is where my boyfriend comes in handy. He loves chocolate so I was able to give him this to try and check with him what his thoughts were. He said it was pretty good just really rich so he wasn't able to finish the whole bar which is very not like him lol.
Moving right along we have Whistle candies. Probably one of the most annoying candies you could ever buy lol. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I will gladly explain this candy. It really is a candy whistle. You put this candy in your mouth and blow air through the small hole in the center and you will a very loud whistle. It's actually really cool and unique. I have seen these before. They didn't really have much flavor to them. But I love these just because there fun to play with lol. The little box at the bottom had me puzzled what could be inside and then I had to open it and figure out what it was. It is what you would call a surprise, kind of like how cracker jacks come with a little toy inside. It's the same type of thing. Inside of mine was a little dino figure. I had a picture of it but for some reason it didn't download to this blog post so I apologize about that.

Next we have Crazy Pops, which look like gummy candies with some liquid inside each one. Gummy candies are my favorite candies ever so I was super excited to see these inside my box. I must say these didn't have too much flavor to them but they still were pretty good. I still liked them and I also liked how they had some liquid goo in the middle. It reminded me a lot of Gushers from back in the day which were my all time favorite.
The last thing In my box is Pocky! I saved the best for last lol. These are amazing and they were my favorite thing in my whole box. I have never seen a box like this that has Pocky. I didn't even know they came in a box this big. I have only seen the little boxes before so this was very exciting to see how big the box was lol. Another thing that was really different about this Pocky is that the biscuits themselves were chocolate which I have never seen before.
Inside the box of Pocky there was three individual packages which was awesome. Right away I had to have one pack to try...just for you guys lol. I thought these were amazing they reminded me  lot of chocolate covered strawberries. Like a lot of you guys already know I am not a huge fan of chocolate but with these they were really good it wasn't too much, it was just the right amount.

So that's all that was in my Muchpak box this month. I am highly impressed with how many products came in this box and how many of them I actually liked too lol. I think this is a pretty cool and unique box. I think you should check it out and see if this box is right for you!

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