Monday, March 14, 2016

Flowers Fast! Review

I received a gorgeous surprise from the people at They sent me some gorgeous flowers to review for all of you! I was so surprised when they came in the mail for me. To be honest with all of you these were the first flowers I have ever received before so this was a pretty exciting event to happen to me lol. I made a pretty big deal about it and I'm not even going to lie to you all lol. I have no shame. Anyways lets get into this review.

All the flowers on their site can come with their own card as well which is really nice too. This card was attached to underneath the label on the front of the box so make sure you tell who ever is getting flowers from you to look out for the card, because I can easily see the card getting skipped over. This is the card that was included with my flowers and I love that they included this is made me feel special :)

My flowers that I received from this company are there mini roses and there so  beautiful! I was amazed with how they were shipped. They came right in the mail in a box and let me just tell you that they arrived in perfect condition. I never knew flowers were delivered right in a box, but that may just because I never received flowers before lol. These flowers came with the tin that they are now sitting in but they didn't come inside of the tint.

As you can see these roses are gorgeous. I have never seen mini roses before but I really love these, there so small and cute. I also love how some of these roses aren't fully bloomed yet. This just means that these flowers are going to last me even longer which is extremely important. Now that I have these I am going to be so sad when they do die. I am going to try my best to keep them as long as possible.

There is a little Daisy that was attached to the tin but I soon after discovered that this flower is magnet. How cool is that? I thought that was pretty different and I really am amazed by such a small detail. I just think the little Daisy on the tin really adds something to it so it isn't so plain, and if your not feeling the Daisy you can easily just remove it which is awesome too.

This was the original pot that my flowers came in. As you can tell it's just a basic plastic planter. I have seen this before and I guess this just makes it easier when there shipped. If you don't want the yellow tin that came with it, you can always use that for something else and put your flowers which is pretty nice as well.

Another great thing about these flowers is that they came in the dirt with their roots attached so if you really wanted to you can plant these in the ground which is beyond amazing. Most flowers that you get delivered are just the flowers themselves that have already been picked. These have full potential on growing which is phenomenal. I think these flowers are gorgeous and in a few days I think I am going to plant them in my flower bed outside of my house. I'm curious to see how these will take to living outside, I will keep you all updated with the progress on my instagram page so make sure you go and follow me there so you don't miss out

These are roses so keep in mind they do have thorns lol. I learned that the hard way when taking them out of the yellow tin lol. I got poked, just be careful and if you decided to transfer your flowers outside make sure your wearing some gloves.

 Each one of their Flowers comes with a description of the flowers that you received and a quide to how to make sure they live as long as possible. I love how they included this because this makes caring for the plant much easier. I do have to admit I don't have a green at all lol. I try! and by including this with my flowers it gives me some hope right?
I think this website is probably one of the best flower websites I have found. They have so many amazing arrangements at really low prices too! They have so many to choose from, they also offer same day delivery too which is awesome. I would highly recommend this site to anyone. Sending flowers to someone is such an amazing gesture. Now that I have experienced getting flowers I know what its like getting your own, and it feels pretty good! I will from now on send flowers to all my relatives because I want them to feel as good as I did when I got my flowers :)

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