Monday, March 14, 2016

Japan Crate Subscription Box! Review

I am so sorry to be sharing this review a little late with all of you guys! For some reason this blog post has been in my drafts for quite some time and I have just noticed it sitting there! I apologize for the delay but it's better late then never right? Today I will be looking at Japan Crate which is a subscription service that sends you Japanese stuff in one box straight to your door! These boxes are filled with food and other fun things. I am excited to see what's waiting inside of this box! So lets get on to this review!

So right away this is what I see when I open up this box. As you can see this box is really filled up to the max. This is a pretty big box too so I can only imagine how many things are inside of this box. Let's find out!

These two papers were sitting right on top of the box. One tells you all the products that inside this box. It translates it into English which is extremely helpful because all of the packaging of each item is written in Japanese which I can't all lol.

The very first thing inside is a bag of Chips. These tasted just like your normal lays potato chips. There wasn't anything too special about these but I did eat them lol.

Pocky is up next! I'm sure most of you know what that is and incase you don't ill explain. It's a biscuit stick covered in some type of flavor. These are covered in chocolate. I have to say I opened these with my boyfriend which was a huge mistake we were fighting over these. They are sooo good! I'm not even a huge fan of chocolate but these were soo good! They have the perfect amount of chocolate, not too much and not too little either.

Next we have some other type of gummy candy I think. It looks like this flavor is going to be like a milk flavor which really makes me nervous lol. I actually like these, there really hard to explain. It tastes just like regular gummies that you would find in the store.

Up next we have another candy. I can't read a thing on these expect for the word "POM" which I have no idea what that means. By the packaging I can tell these are going to be orange flavored. I'm not a huge fan of orange but I tried them just to see if I would like them. I surprised myself. These were like  gummy candy that was covered in sugar and these were really good. I love gummy candies so these were a hit with me!

Next we have something else I cant read either lol. These are soft chews that taste like strawberries. I must say these were pretty darn amazing and I think they have to be my favorite thing that was in this entire box. I loved these and they were so soft and yummy!

This is another snack that looks just like pocky. This flavor of this one is pizza. This sounds amazing lol. I shared these with my boyfriend as well and we both really liked them. I would have to say these are really different but I did really like. Sometimes a little different is good sometimes :)

Next we have a pack of gum next with Where's Waldo on the front of it. This is just your everyday bubble gum, it wasn't bad and it wasn't great.

Next there is an adorable box with Hello Kitty on it. Just by the packaging I could tell these were going to be just like Pocky, which are one of my favorites. These were really good too. They tasted just like Strawberry Pocky that I have tried probably a million times lol. I thought they were yummy and the fact that Hello Kitty was on the front made it even better in my opinion lol.

This is probably the strangest thing that was in the entire box in my opinion lol. These are little candies in the flavor of Birthday Cake which one of my all time favorites, so right away I was interested in these lol. They look like giant smarties, like a big hard candy and let me just say at first I was hesitant to if I really liked these or not but then I tried one more and realized they are actually pretty good. It really catches you off guard because there really isn't a candy in the United States like these.

The last food item that came in this box is this lol. That's really all I can say because look at the packaging, I cant read a thing from this lol. It looks like these are either potato flavored or bread. It's really hard to tell from the picture. I really didn't want to try these but I did anyways lol. It had the same consistency as like a caramel chew. It was really soft and came in little cubes. I couldn't figure out what the flavor was except for the fact I didn't really care for them at all. They had a real buttery taste to them which was a little odd.

Look what's next! They included a drink! That's so cool! I was definitely surprised to see this in the box. Most of the subscription boxes I have tried never come with a drink, so this was something that was a little different to see inside. I was super anxious to try this so I had to right away. I'd say this is kind of like a carbonated Lemonade with not a lot of sugar, it was a little bit bland, it wasn't terrible it just isn't something I would normally drink.

They included two pens next in this box as you can tell from this one, it's a little different then your pens you find in the U.S this one has a totally different tip to it which is kind of cool. I love the way this one writes as well.
The last pen in this box is a Sanrio pen, which was a hit for me lol. I am a huge Sanrio fan so I really like how this was included in my box. I think adding little stuff to this box is such a cute idea as well.

Overall I'm impressed. I love how big this box was. It came with the most stuff I have ever gotten in any other subscription box ever. The assortment of the items are pretty great too. It came with food, a drink and some pens. Even though all of the food wasn't that good and there are a few things I wont eat it was still really cool to have a closer looks at some of things they have in Japan and now I am familiar with some things that I do like from there. I love the whole concept behind this box I think it's such a cool idea and you really do get your money's worth. I would definitely suggest going to check out this box on your own and trying it. You will love it!!

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