Monday, March 14, 2016

CnR Boutique! Review

I have an exciting review for all of you today on a store that I was browsing and found on instagram. Her shop goes by the name of CnR Boutique. She makes a lot of really cute items. Her shop is all about Glam-ing stuff up and making it cute! She has such an amazing wide range as well such as cups, décor, phone cases and so much more. Today I will be reviewing two items that she sent to me to review and I am super excited to share them both with you! I told her about my love Disney so she was able to send me two products that fall in that category :)
The very first item I have for you is headband that has a huge yellow bow attached to it. This is beyond adorable. I love this because it really does scream Disney and they are so different so! I have about a million Minnie Mouse ears that I wear to Disney, and now I have something that is a little bit different from wearing the same Minnie ears. I cant wait to wear these the next time I go to Disney. As you can see she decorated these with a Cinderella theme which is adorable. In the center of the bow there is a mirrored image of Cinderella. Then on the left side of the bow there is a little plastic charm of Cinderella herself and then on the right side there is the same exact charm just instead this one is of the Fairy god mother. I must say that these are actually pretty comfy which is extremely surprising. I wore these for a few hours around the house and then forgot that they were on my head lol. I love how this bow doesn't have too much going on, it's not too crazy it's just the right amount of pizzazz in my opinion. I thinks she did such a great job at making these!

Here's a close up image of the Cinderella that is in the center of the big bow!

The last item I have to share with you all is clock. This is something completely different from the previous item. She took this ordinary clock and spiced it up with some glam and made it scream Disney! First she put rhinestones over each of the numbers which looks perfect. Then she included osme of those mirrored charms over some of the numbers. Over the twelve there is Ariel and Prince Eric, over the three there is Snow White, and then over the nine there is Tinkerbell. To make things a little different she included a different charm over the 6. This one is a small glittery castle. I love what she did with this clock. She really made this a beautiful piece of work. I am in love with this.

Make sure you check out her amazing shop. She has so many great items that are in there. She is such a talented shop owner. I am amazed with these two products and love them both so much!

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