Monday, November 2, 2015

SaraTheTickLady On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Today I have some Planner stickers to review for all of you from a shop on Etsy by the name SaraTheTickLady

She sent me a pack of stickers that includes 756!

Holy Guacamole that is a lot of stickers lol. She sent them to me in a super nice envelope and even placed a piece of card board in the middle so they wouldn't get all bent up which was really nice. These stickers came on really big sheets, which was pretty cool as well.

I love this set of planner stickers. There really is a sticker for pretty much anything you an think of. The stickers themselves are paper stickers which is my favorite kinds. I have discovered that paper stickers are the ones that stick the best and don't usually come off the page as easily. Another good thing about the paper stickers, is that you can actually write on them or color them if you would like which is pretty cool. I love the design that she chose for these, they are rainbow colored and would surely brighten up any planner :)

Here's the breakdown of what is included in the sticker set consists of:

These stickers would make the perfect gift for anyone that has a planner :)

Stay tuned these will be one of the items you will be able to win in my giveaway!

Check out this shop here:

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