Monday, November 2, 2015

DarlingDesignsByDC On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received two different bath bombs from a shop on Etsy called DarlingDesignsByDC
I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with bath bombs! I love them all. I would go to Lush and get those but they are so expensive and so not worth the price in my opinion. I love homemade ones so much more, the scents are usually a lot better.
The first item I got from this shop to review is this Vegan Brownie this one is actually not even listed in her shop yet, which is pretty cool that I was one of the first ones to try it out :) This one has a scent that's very hard to explain lol. It smells a lot like chocolate. I love the colors in this one, it has a lot of greens. She even placed sprinkles on the top which is oh so adorable. In the bathtub this worked nicely, the scent wasn't overpowered and it changed my bath tubs water which was pretty cool lol. This one is actually pretty unique and I loved it :)

The last bath bomb I have to review is this one in the scent Sweet Lemonade. This one was probably my favorite one. I love the scent! It was soooo relaxing and refreshing in the bath. To my surprise this scent was actually pretty strong, but in a really good way! I really enjoyed this one. It didn't really change the bathtub water just because it is so light in color, but I still liked this one.
I highly recommend this shop, if you love bath bombs this is the shop for you! The prices are always the best and probably the best you could find for this price. It's not like these are super low quality either. These are high quality bath bombs, packed with some awesome fragrances
These would make great gifts in a gift basket! You could get a variety, and make up a very nice basket for anyone :)
I have featured this shop once before on my blog here:
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