Monday, November 2, 2015

ThreeChangos On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received two different products from a shop on Etsy by the name of ThreeChangos

The first item is a bar of soap in the Scent sparkling peach.


Let me just tell you, just by opening the box I could instantly smell the scent of the peach and it smelt amazing! I was amazed how strong it really was, I hadn't  even opened the bar of soap yet and could already smell it through the packaging. This right there was a major browning point in my book lol. As soon as I opened this I rushed right into the shower. It smelt so good I just couldn't resist lol.
This was probably one of the best bars of soaps I have ever tried. I wouldn't normally go for a bar of soap but in this case I do lol. I love this product so much!

As you can see from this photo this in fact is not only a really large bar of soap its actually really thick as well. This bar of soap is going to last you a really long time and that's for sure :) You can also see from the top the sparkles that are in this bar. They are gorgeous!

Next up we have a sugar scrub in the same scent Sparkling Peach.
Retails:($6.50 for Full Size)

Now this product was pretty amazing as well. I was amazed by how "soft" it was. Most of the scrubs  that I have tried are super rough feeling, almost like the texture of sand, which is sometimes rough on my skin. I was surprised by how soft this formula was. It made my skin super soft as well. I'd say this texture was the perfect combination. It was rough enough to exfoliate my skin, and it was soft enough to moisturize as well. I am in love with this product as well. Just like the soap the fragrance in this one was just as strong and as enjoyable.

You can even purchase both of these products together in the perfect gift set!


Overall I'm highly impressed with these products, it's hard to believe that these are actually homemade. These are easily some of my favorite beauty products now :)

These products would make the perfect gift for anyone really, mom, sister, friends, co workers!

Check their shop out here:

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