Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rhea Footwear! Review

Rhea Footwear
For Today's review I'll be showing you all a pair of sandals. I think this will be the first footwear type of review on my blog which is pretty exciting. The online website I will be promoting today is called Rhea footwear. This online sells a wide range of shoes for men and women. They even have a wide rang of styles that available too such as sandals, flats and booties. There is truly a pair for anyone on this website. Each pair of shoes listed has amazing super grip technology on the bottom of each shoe.
The pair of shoes I will be reviewing and sharing with all of you today is called the "Eva White". These come in a huge variety of colors on their site such as  yellow and green and even have them in two toned colors as well which is pretty cool. Rhea Footwear let me pick which color I wanted to review which was awesome. I decided to go with white because it's just such a staple to your wardrobe and I knew that I would wear these ones the most. White goes with every outfit and you really can't go wrong with white sandals ever. I have been wearing these for the past few days and I can't get over how much I love these sandals. To be 100% honest with you all I'm not a huge fan of this "thong" style of sandals because they usually are just soooo uncomfortable, but these are so comfy it's not even funny! I'm so shocked with how well I really do like them. Most of the time it takes me and my feet a few days to get used to a pair of shoes and break them in, but that wasn't the case with these. My feet automatically loved these lol.

These sandals are made from Patent PU. They looks like they have a shiny service to them which concerned me at first because I have owned shoes like this before and they have been super slippery, but not with these. I was also extremely nervous when choosing the white because I know how prone white shoes are to not staying white lol. Especially when your name is Dani lol. I'm not the best person that can keep a pair of shoes white. The type of material used to make these shoes literally makes them stain resistant which is beyond amazing. I have been wearing these for the past few days and they still look brand new which blow my mind. Any other pair would have been stained and ruined by now. I am impressed with how well they are holding up.

Here you can see the amazing grips that are at the bottom of the shoes I mentioned in the beginning of the post. All the shoes on the site have grips like this. Let me just tell you these work great. I was wearing these the other night when it was down pouring outside and these worked wonders. Any other pair of shoes I might have been wearing I would have slipped! I feel like you all know what I'm talking about especially if you live in Florida like me. It's always raining off and on and if you are caught outside when its raining in flip flops it can be a little scary lol. I always take my time when walking because you can really hurt yourself. I did not feel like that at all when I wore these.

I am beyond in love with the shoes that I received from this company. They are super durable and perfect for me! They are comfy as well. I don't know what else I could ask for in a shoe, but these really hit every part that I am looking for in a sandal. I highly recommend checking these shoes out for yourself. They are perfect for the spring and summer and they are really worth the price I can assure you.

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