Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fashletics! Review & Coupon Code

I have another awesome review for you all today on something a little different, which is exciting! Today I will be reviewing a company by the name of Fashletics. This is an online store that creates some amazing jewelry pieces that are inspired by the passion for fitness. All the pieces on this website contain some type of fitness related pieces. I have never seen jewelry quite like this before. I love the message behind every piece on their site and that is SRENGTH
The amazing people at Fashletics let me choose one piece of jewelry from their online website to review and let me just tell you this was a very hard task to do, just because everything that is listed on their site is adorable! Inside my package contained two little cards the first one which is listed below contained some information on the company it self. I learned from reading this card that every piece of jewelry is hand made which is unbelievable. This makes me love this online store so much more lol. The other card that was included has a coupon code for all of you guys to use! I will make sure to include all that info at the bottom of this review for all of you to use to get your very own piece of jewelry from this store.

Each piece comes in it's own box. This is extremely important to me when buying jewelry online. I'm always curious to how something will be shipped and it's something that truly does say a lot about a company and how much they care about packaging their products up for their customers. The fact that their pieces come in small boxes really gave them an extra brownie point from me!
Like I said earlier in this blog post I had a really hard time picking out an item to review because I loved so many of them that were listed. This is the one I decided to go with because I felt like I would wear this one most often. This piece of jewelry is called the fearless spike which is pretty self explanatory to what this necklace looks like. As you can see from this picture it looks like a long spike. This spike measures to be 2.5 inches long. I would definitely say this would be a statement piece. I love how the chain that I received with my necklace is a really long one as well. Long necklaces are my favorite. For some reason if long necklaces aren't your thang, then have no fear! You can get whatever chain size is best for you! They have them in 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 30 inches so I'm sure you will be able to find the best size that is right for you and for your style!

Here is a side view of the necklace so you can see the word FEARLESS on the side. This necklace was hammered with the word fearless on it which is pretty cool. This means not all the necklaces are going to be identical which is probably my favorite part about it. It may have some flaws in it but that is just because this was hand made which is incredible.  From the side of this necklace you can see some hammer marks, which really gives this necklace some of it own character which I really enjoy. If this is your style of jewelry and your not a huge fan of the word fearless that isn't a huge worry either! They have a few more of these listed in their shop with words such as love, strength and few others, which gives you some more options to pick from. These necklaces are made from gun metal and sterling silver so you wont need to worry about these babies tarnishing which is the best part! These necklaces are made to last which is fabulous as well.

I love the whole idea behind the meaning these jewelry piece. Strength and fitness is such an important part of your life, and if doesn't happen to be it really should be. I think these would be great pieces to wear when you are working out to give you some extra motivation to keep you going which is so important because it's so easy to feel defeated at times. You just have to remember to keep on going!
The people at Fashletics were so nice to send me my own coupon code for all of you out there! Make sure you use "DaniiBabii" for 15% off your entire purchase!
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