Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pure Romance By Ashley Latenser! Review


Hi Everyone! Today's review is all going to be about a brand called Pure Romance, this is an independent consultant company. I will be representing Ashley Latenser, if you are interested in buying any of the products that I mention in today's blog all of her contact info will be at the bottom of this review. Ashley sent me a few different sample sizes of products to try and I am super excited to share them all with you. I want to make a note that this blog did take me some time to do just because I wanted to try out each product for you and give my honest opinion on them all.

The very first thing that was included in my package from Ashley was the most recent magazine with all the Pure Romance products. This is the Winter 2016 edition. I actually did sit down and look through this whole book and found a few things that really caught my eye, so who knows maybe there will be some more upcoming blog reviews for those products soon!

While browsing through this magazine I realized that Ash went ahead and included some fragrance samples which I wasn't excepting to see in the magazine. She included two of them. The First one is called Truly Sexy Flirt.
The description of this fragrance is:
"The senses with a bouquet of white roses and sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon and grapefruit, and clean amber and cedarwood."
I personally thought this smelt very nice. I really liked it. I thought it was a fresher scent and really like how it had a little fruity twist to it. I also really love the bottle of this fragrance it is gorgeous!

The next fragrance is the pure romance original called Truly Sexy
The description for this fragrance is:
"Feminine and bold, one spritz of Truly Sexy will boost your confidence and turn heads. This signature fragrance from Pure Romance Founder and Chairwoman, Patty Brisben, is all you need to feel Truly Sexy."
This one wasn't my favorite. This isn't something I would typically wear. I didn't think it smelt terrible or anything it just wasn't my type of style for fragrance. I did really like the bottle of this one I think it looks very different, and I love the pops of pink of the bottle too!

As you can see she sent me so many goodies to try out so now you all know why this blog took me  while to post, because I had to try out all of these products for you guys. I must say she did an amazing job at selecting these products for me. All of the products she sent me was something I wanted to try anyways or something I could definitely  see myself buying in the future if I did like the sample size of it. She sent me such an amazing variety of products as well which was awesome. I am so excited to share these products with you so lets get on with the blog!

The very first product that we are going to get a closer look at is called Just like me which is a gel lubricant. This is pH balanced product which is awesome for us ladies. Most lubricant aren't like this one. Being pH balanced is really helpful at keeping us clean and balanced which is really important.
This lubricant also isn't sticky at all. I know that is super hard to find as well. It really feels almost like water which is awesome because you don't feel gross and sticky afterwards. I really enjoyed this product.

Next we have  product called Sensations. This is a warming lubricant. I have tried a few of these in the past and have had really bad luck with them and usually steer away from them I don't like the way they make you feel. But for the sake of this blog I decided to try this product out for you guys. I received this product in the scent Strawberries and Whipped cream. This product comes in a few different scents and I'm glad I got this one. It smells sooo good, good enough you could eat which I really wouldn't recommend lol. This product was pretty good to be honest I liked the hot sensation it wasn't over powering which was something I was a little nervous about.

Next we have Boost which is a flavored enhancement cream. I wasn't exactly sure how to use this product to be honest with you. I just used the sample on my hands because I liked the smell of this and wasn't sure what to do with it. I can tell you that this smelt amazing however! I received this sample in the scent Strawberry, and it smelt like the real deal!

Up next is the product I was the most excited to try out and it's called Coochy. This is a conditioning shave cream. I was really excited to see she sent me this one, because I have heard some awesome things about this product through a few of my friends. I have really sensitive skin and I feel like I'm always prone to get razor bumps so I'm constantly on the hunt for shaving products like this. I was so surprised with how amazing this product worked. It didn't irate my skin at all which was really shocking, and it even make me super soft as well. It even had an amazing scent to it. This is a miracle product and I would highly recommend trying this one out.

The last product I have to review for all of you is called Body Dew, which is a oil body mist. It kind of weird how they make this in a sample considering the real deal comes with a sprayer lol. Anyways I tried this after I got out of the shower to moisturize my legs, and oooh girl! It made me quite soft. I have very dry skin so it's hard to find products that actually moisturize me but this one passed the test with flying colors. I was highly impressed to be quite honest. A little really goes a long way. I didn't even use the whole package and was able to moisturize my legs and arms. It got a bit messy which is probably why this comes in a spray bottle. I can just imagine how much easier that makes this process. I really did enjoy this product however!

I want to thank Ashley for sending me these products to try out. I can honestly say I enjoyed all of these. I am highly impressed with how much I truly like some of these products. I would have to say Coochy has to be my favorite one however. Make sure you check some of these products out!

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