Thursday, March 17, 2016

Branch Out! Review

I'm coming out you guys with another Esty review today. This review will be on the shop called Branch out. This is a store that makes all kinds of hand carved spoons out of wood. This shop is truly one of a kind. I was browsing their site and found several products that were just beautiful. I highly suggest going to have a look at this online store and having a peek for yourself.
These are the spoons that were sent to me to review as you can see these came in a pair. I love these spoons because they are so small. These are made from seasoned ash which is just mind blowing. I can't believe it. You would really never guess that all upon seeing these. I must say these are the perfect size for practically anything. The main use for these according to their website is for spices which is the perfect size for that. In my opinion these have so many more uses then just that. I actually placed one of these in a jar of sugar scrub I currently have in my bathroom and this was perfect because I didn't have a scoop for it, and now I do! I also placed my other spoon in my sugar jar and got rid of my older one I originally had. I love the way these feel in your hands. It's the perfect size to hold on to. I also love how soft these are, you can see how well made these are just by how they feel in your palm. I am truly amazed with the amount of time that was put into these spoons. I think a reason why these feel so soft is because the two layers of olive oil that was added to them once they were finished being made.

The dimensions of these spoons are:
"The overall length of the spoon is 52 mm.
The bowl has a width 30 mm while length is 30 mm.
The handle is 25 mm long"
On there website they also listed the care instructions which are:
"Rub your spoon with olive oil, peanut or sunflower oil once a month. Dip a paper towel into the oil and gently rub, using a circular motion over the surface of the wood. Work the oil into the sides, top and bottom. When washing the spoon use water and a little bit of soap ( dont use the dishwasher ) and after the washing is done rub the spoon with a towel to avoid moisture entering the wood and avoid cracking."

Overall I'm impressed with these. I didn't think I would love these as much as I really do. I can only imagine how amazing some of their bigger spoons are. I am highly satisfied with these spoons, they are beautiful and are so multipurpose. I suggest checking these out for yourself.

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