Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Glow Happy Scents! Review

I have some amazing products to show you all today, which in fact smell amazing! We will be taking a closer look at an Etsy shop called Glow Happy Scents. This is a shop that make soy candles, and wax melts. I am super excited to get started with this review! I was sent three products to review for all of you today. Two products are individual wax melts, and the third product is a pack of melts.

The first product I am going to share with you is an individual wax melt. This is in the scent Salted Caramel, and this is truly one of my all time favorite scents of all times. I had very high expectations for this scents. This shop truly went above and beyond with this one. I was impressed with how much fragrance was packed into one wax tart. I was blown away how powerful these are (in a good way) I placed one in my Scentsy and I instantly could smell this through out my house. Not only did this scent smell amazing but look how gorgeous it is as well. It is a gorgeous yellow color and inside the wax it is packed with glitter which I love. I have never had any wax tarts with glitter before so this was a real treat for me sense I am totally obsessed with glitter as well lol.
The description of this scent is:
"A delicious, mouth- watering aroma. Sweet, gooey caramel blended with sea salt creates an irresistible scent."
Retails:($5 for bag of 5)
Next up we have another individual wax tart, and this one is in the scent Berry Flirt Type. I was instantly excited to smell this one was well just because I am a huge fan of berry scents. Let me just say this smells delicious. I didn't think this one was as powerful in fragrance as the salted caramel but it still smelt awesome. I loved the scent of this, it smelt very clean and super relaxing. I used this in my bedroom and thought it was perfect for that space. I loved smelling it each day when I came home from work.  As far as looks go for this one, I must say I like this one a little bit better and I can only guess you all know why.... It's pink of course lol, and just like the salted caramel this one is filled with glitter too. This one looks very princess like :)
The description of this scent is:
"Bright, soft and happy! White flowers, red berries & grapefruit create a gorgeous, fruity-floral blend. Natural green & wood tones blended with sugared coconut & clear musk finish up one lovely aroma. A wonderful aroma."
Retails:($5.00 for 5)

Incase you are wondering about the size of these I decided to include a side view image and as you can see these are pretty big melts. The exact measurements are  2 1/4 inches in diameter, 3/4 inch tall and weigh just under an ounce. You can definitely get a few days worth out of each one of these. I have currently been using each one for around 3 days each now and they both are still going strong. I think these are a really great deal if you are in the market for some new scents.

The next product I have to share with you all, which is the last product as well is a pack of  these wax cubes. These come in a very similar package to those that I get through the company Scentsy, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with as well. The scent that she sent to me try out is Fruity Pebbles. Right when I seen this I got super excited just because this is one my all time favorite cereals and the scent of the actual cereal was one my favorite things about it as well lol.
 The scent for these wax cubes is pretty spot on. It smells just like the real thing which is amazing. Just with one sniff and my mouth was watering like crazy lol. I was super amazed with how good this really smelt, and how strong the fragrance was as well. I think out of all the scents that she sent me to try out this is the one that is the packed with the most scent which is great because this one if my favorite lol. I used this in my living room and was amazed with how much this filled up my house with the scent. I had a few guests over when I was testing this wax out and everyone said it smelt really good and it smelt like I was cooking something!
The description of this scent is:
"Fruity, fun, and cute! Fruity Pebbles wax melts smell just like the original."

If you are unfamiliar with this type of packaging of wax tarts I will explain. Pretty much there are 6 pieces of wax here and you simply just break them off and then place one in your warmer then you are good to go. You could always add more then just one cube of wax if you have a bigger warmer, but as far as the scent goes you really only need one cube. The color of this one is beautiful as well. The base of this wax is white and instead of just leaving it plain. Some color were added to the top to give it some pizzaz. I love the swirls or pink, yellow and blue in this wax. It really is the perfect color to go with the fruity pebble scent.

I highly recommend checking out this shop. It is packed with so many amazing scents. I am super impressed with the three that I received. These are also the most beautiful wax tarts I have received as well!

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