Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Canvas Champ Review!


For today's review I have something a little different for you all. I will be reviewing a canvas. I got a piece of art made for my boyfriend and I. I have been looking to get it blown up some way but didn't know how I would want it printed. I then discovered Canvas Champ, and thought they would be perfect for achieving this job for me.

First I will talk about this art for a minute. Sense I am a huge Disney nut I had a picture made that represents my boyfriend and I from The Little Mermaid's kiss the girl scene. This is my favorite Disney movie and favorite scene actually. I am quite impressed with how this piece of art turned out
Now let's get back into the whole reason why we are here today and that is because we are discussing the this canvas in which I got my image printed on. There are about a million ways I could have gotten this image printed fro Canvas Champ. They really do offer so many unique ways to print your images for you. I decided to go with a canvas, just because I have always wanted to get something printed on a canvas and I love the look of it. I think they always looks so nice, and it's something different to look at rather then just a plain framed picture on the wall.

I love this canvas because it is thick in size. I wasn't expecting this canvas to be this thick. I know sometimes on website or even places where you can go to get things printed such as Walgreens, they offer canvas's and they are always the thin kind. These just never look good in my opinion. I love the look of a thicker canvas because I think it looks more sturdy which is important. I have only had this canvas for a few days now and I can already tell that this is something that is going to last me for quite some time.

Another thing that really makes this canvas stand out from all the other is the texture of it. Most canvas's have a very thin layer on the canvas material and that's the only thing holding up the entire piece. That isn't the case with these canvases. This feels like it a board, with canvas material on top of it to give it the same texture as a normal canvas. This is perfect for a few reasons. The most important reason you don't have to worry about this getting damaged as much. I know one of my biggest concerns with getting a canvas was going to be that the layer on top was thin so I was worried if I ever had it off of my wall I would be able to poke a hole in it. I don't think this canvas is capable of getting any type of hole in it. It's super sturdy which is amazing!

The hardware is also included on the back of each canvas which is extremely helpful as well. I am always the worst with hanging pictures and attaching the hardware because I am always nervous I am going to mess something up lol. I can say this is awesome that they do this step for you, it really makes hanging this 10 time easier, especially if you are terrible at it like me lol.

I am 150% impressed with this canvas from Canvas Champ. I am so glad I discovered this website for my own. They make some amazing pieces, and I don't think I could have found a better quality canvas then this one. I highly recommend checking them out if you need anything printed. They have the best customer service, they have super fast shipping times, and they have high quality products! What else could you ask for? not much because they truly have it all!
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