Wednesday, March 23, 2016

String Beans Inc! Review

For today's review I will be showing you a few different items from an etsy shop by the name of String Beans Inc. This shop is filled with all types of wonderful items. Her shop is truly adorable and has some one of a kind pieces that blow my mind. Here you can find jewelry, sunglasses, purses, d├ęcor and so much more. She does such an amazing job at offering something for pretty much everyone. I'm almost certain you will be able to find something in this shop you just cant live without so I suggest checking it out for yourself :)

The very first item I will be sharing with all of you today is this bib style of necklace. I must say this isn't something I would typically wear but I love it. This would look great with so many different looks and you could really dress this up or even dress it down too. The fact that it's black too makes styling this piece a lot easier as well. This would look great with so many different colors, or even with just a black outfit too.

The thing that I really like about this necklace is that you tie it. You don't have to worry about fussing with a tiny clip to get this necklace on and off which can be a huge pain at times. I hate asking for help when putting on jewelry to be honest lol, so this makes it so much easier for me. I wont have to ask for help when wearing this which is a huge bonus for me!
This necklace is super light weight, it might not look like it is, but it truly is. I was quite surprised how light and comfy it would be. I thought this necklace was going to be kind of itchy too because I just figure on the back of the necklace it would be scratchy from the rhinestones, but the back of this necklace is completely flat. When this is laid against your chest you can hardly feel it
Retails:($15.00 not the same necklace but a very similar style)

Next up we have two pairs of earrings to take a closer look at. She sent me two of the same pair of earrings just different colors. These are stud style earrings, which are probably my favorite because you can literally wear these with anything. These match with everything and they are so easy to wear, and they are usually super comfortable as well. I never last a day or night ir I am wearing big earrings, the only ones that I usually end up keeping in my ears are studs. In my opinion you can never have to many right lol. The studs that she sent me are in a bronze/brown color and a blue color. They both have a matte finish to them which is super popular right now. I think the colors she sent me are gorgeous. I'll probably get the most use out of the blue ones, just because I think these are going to be perfect for the spring and summer time.
Retails:($5.00 for one pair)

The thing that really makes these stand our from your traditional stud earrings, is that these are pretty much two earrings in one! The backs of these you could easily flip around and were them reversed. I have seen some of these before and have been curious about them to be quite honest. I love the whole concept of these, just because you can get so much wear out of them and you get two different looks. They are pretty similar, but then again really different too. I am super excited about these.

The next item I have for you all today is this gorgeous necklace. I was unable to find the link for this one or something similar to this so please bare with me. Out of all the items she sent me I think this has to be my favorite one. This is gold necklace with silver crystal accents. I think it is truly gorgeous. I'm not typically a fan of gold, but in this case I am. The actual chain of this necklace is pretty heavy duty and seems pretty durable. This is another piece you could wear a million plus ways. These are the types of jewelry piece I am a big fan of. I like being able to wear my jewelry with all kinds of outfits, that is important to me. 

Here's a close up of the actual necklace so you can see the crystals on this piece. As you can see this is gorgeous. This is bib type style of necklace too which is one my new discovered favorites. I have to say I wore this out one time and was impressed with the quality of this piece. I received a million compliments as well on this. I do have to say I don't recommend wearing this when it's cold lol The metal gets freezing! This is a pretty heavy piece, but it is really comfortable as well.

I bet you will never guess what's inside this coral colored pouch..... lol

Sun glasses! Lol I'm sure you all guessed that from the picture above. Anyways she sent me this pair of gorgeous glasses that I am kind of obsessing over at the moment. This is totally outside my comfort zone completely. I usually wear aviators and that's all that I stick with. I am sooooo loving these however. It's not everyday you find glasses like these. They are so different and so funky which is why I really love them. The round style is such a hot trend right now.
Retails:($20.00 not the exact glasses but the same style)

I love the gold accents on the front of these it adds a little pizzazz to the glasses which is important of course. As you can see from the sides of these glasses they are covered in different colors.  It isn't in your face however. It isn't noticeable right at first but once you look at them you will start to notice. There are hints of pinks, blue, reds, oranges, and white. These are going to be perfect for summer time because they are going to match with some many outfits. Another thing I really like is that these glasses are super sturdy. The plastic that these are made out of is super durable and really thick. I am notorious for breaking sunglasses, but I'm sure these will stand up to my roughness with glasses which is really exciting!

I am in love with everything that I received from this shop! Everything has amazing quality, and everything is super trendy and stylish. Her prices are amazing as well. I would highly suggest having a look for yourself :)

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