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Coastal scents! Review


For today's review I will be reviewing some makeup products from the brand Coastal Scents. I have heard some amazing things about this brand before, but I haven't had the chance of getting around to trying out any of their products before. The people over at Coastal Scents were super generous and let me pick out some products I wanted to try out and review for all of you today. I am super excited to share all these products with you.

I will be reviewing the following products for you all today:
2 eye shadow palettes
1 eyebrow palette
2 lipsticks
& 1 lip-gloss
Lets get on to the review!

For the first product I will be reviewing today I will start with the jumbo eye shadow palettes. When I think of Coastal Scents this is the first product that jumps into my head. These products have everyone talking and it made me curious to try one of these out for myself. One their site they have so many to choose from so it was a little hard in making my decision. I decided to go with the original 88 color palette. They also offer this same palette in a shimmer palette too. I decided this one would be the best for me and I am so glad that I picked this one. As you can see this palette contains ever color of the rainbow. This is a palette that would be perfect for anyone just because look how many colors are on this palette. If crazy colors isn't your thing you can always just use the more neutral colors which are also included on this palette as well. I think by using this palette the number of eye looks you can achieve are endless. I am so excited to experiment more with these.
This palette is amazing quality and super sturdy as well which is somrthng I was a little worried about. On the lid of this palette there is mirror, this is really helpful for when your on the go. That will be one less thing you will need to remember to bring. On each side of the palette there are those little sponge makeup brushes. I am not entirely a fan of these types of brushes so I will not be using these, but that's okay! If I ever lost my brushes it's nice to know that I would have some backup!
Here is a swatch I decided to include of some of the colors in this palette. I didn't swatch all of them (obviously) because then we would be here for ever lol. I swatched some colors that I know I would use the most. These are truly gorgeous shades this is just from applying it to my finger then rubbing it across my arm. As you can see these colors are super pigmented. A lot of these colors seem like they would be really buildable which is also really great as well. I am so excited to play around with this palette.

The next palette that I received from costal scents is the Think Pink palette

There are 12 different eye shadow shades in this palette. Pink is my favorite color so I'm constantly wearing it so I am totally in love with this palette. I think they did an amazing job at picking out the shades for this one. You can create so many different looks with this palette. I also love how some of the shades are shimmer, and some are matte at well. As you can see you get pretty much every shade of pink you can think of, from dark pinks to light pinks. You also get white, grey and black too which helps to making these pink shades stand out. You can have a very dramatic eye look with these shades or you can create a simple look too which is perfect. I have already used this shade twice, and both of my looks were so different.
The next item I have next is called Brow set which is a brow palette

Inside this palette it comes with 4 different eyebrow shades, along with a mirror and a dual ended brush. The eye colors in this palette are pretty versatile as well. I think the shades in this palette pretty much anyone can use these. I don't think if anyone else is like me but sometimes I like wearing darker eyebrows and other days I like having them lighter. I have blonde hair so I think I could either way with my eyebrows. I love playing around with makeup and this is going to be the perfect palette to do so.
 Here is a swatch of three of the colors, and this is just with one swipe as well. These are easily buildable as well, if you are trying to achieve more dramatic brows then this is for you, and if you want more natural brows this is for you as well.
I think my most favorite thing about this palette has to be the brush that is included. Most of them time when I purchase any type of palette I usually just end up tossing the brush but that isn't the case with this one. The brush include is an angled brush, which is what I use for my brows anyways. I actually lost my regular eyebrow brush the other day and ended up using this brush instead and I thought it was amazing. It totally did a great job, and now I might just end up using this as my regular brush because it's going to be a little more difficult in loosing and I love how it has a place inside this palette.
The next few products I will be sharing with you all are lip products, which are my favorite as far as makeup products go!
I received a lipstick from the line in the color 08

As you can see this color is a darker purple color. These are my favorite shades to wear I think it goes good with my skin tone and my eye color as well. I just love the pop of color you can create with wearing a shade like this one. I have to say the packaging for these lipsticks are pretty on point lol. I love the shininess of each one, they are truly gorgeous.
Up next we have another lipstick, this one is just in a different shade. This one is in the color 02


This shade is totally different then the previous one that I shared with you all. This one is a mauve pink color which is perfect for spring. This color can go with pretty much anything which is really great when pairing your looks with all your outfits. I think my favorite thing about these lipsticks are the fact that they don't have a point to them. Most lipsticks are cut on an angle which I hate because it makes it a lot more difficult to apply in my opinion. The way these are I think makes them really easy to use. They almost make me think of lip balm just a lot more pigmented.
Here are the swatches of both the colors I received. As you can see both of these colors are extremely pigmented. I also found that both colors are extremely buildable especially the lighter shade. I have to say this is probably one of the best lipstick lines I have tried. I am amazed with the color payoff and I love how these make my lips feel. They are super hydrating and make your lips feel great instead of dying them out, like a lot of lipsticks are notorious for doing. I just can't get over how inexpensive these are.
The last product I have to share with you all is a lip gloss. There lip glosses go by the name of Smacks. These come in a wide range of color so it was extremely hard to pick out the perfect color for myself sense I loved pretty much the entire line of these lol.
I decided to go with the color "Sweet Anna" which is the ultimate pink color. I have been looking everywhere for a color like this because I am in love with it. I think this color is great for so many looks and it compliments so many eye colors too. I think this is the perfect girly pink color and I am pretty obsessed with this gloss that's for sure. It has been my go to gloss sense I received this in the mail.
I have never tried any of these glosses so I was just going to assume that this was going to just have a little light pink hint of color to it. To my surprise I am so wrong! These are so pigmented, it almost reminds me of a liquid lipstick, or a lip stain. I was so shocked to see the color pay off of this product. The swatch down below is just with one swipe of the applicator. This color is extremely buildable and if you are trying to achieve a more dramatic effect, this is perfect for you. If you don't really care for wearing lip sticks, and love the look of them. Then this is also the perfect product for you. I am so beyond impressed with this lip-gloss. I will definitely be checking these out in the future.
That's it for this review! As you can see there are so many amazing products from this brand it's crazy. This isn't even all of them. They even have a lot of other  products such as concealer, foundation, brushes, blush, eye liner, and even soap! This brand is probably one of my favorites now. I am impressed with everything that I received and I highly recommend checking their site out and trying some of these things. I'm telling you, you will be in love with all of them and there is no doubt in my mind.
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