Monday, March 21, 2016

Thriyve! Review

For today's review I have something super exciting for all of you out there. I will be reviewing a pair of blue tooth headphones from the brand Thriyve. This isn't a company I have ever heard of upon doing this review, which automatically excites me. I love finding me brands and new products to try out. So let's get into this review!
The pair of headphones that were sent to me to review are the Elite xT model. As of right now these are the only ones that are featured on their website. I'm sure in the future they will offer different models. I did speak to someone at Thriyve and they told me new colors will be coming out soon as well, but for now they only offer the black and lime green model. As far as packing goes these headphone were boxed up really nicely. It had a sleeve over top of the box that you remove to then open the box. Once you open the box you then can see these beauties! I have always wanted bluetooth headphones just because they seem so awesome, and wires are not my friend lol. It's really annoying when your getting wires all wrapped together, or if you accidently tug on them and they fall out of your ears.

Included in this box comes the actual headphones themselves, a micro usb charger, and a few extra ear bud silicone pieces.

This is what the headphones look like outside of the box. These are a little different from typical headphones I have seen before. In case you have no idea how your suppose to wear these I will explain. You place each ear bud in your ear, and then the cord is suppose to be behind your head on your neck. It's actually pretty simple.

The design is very sleek. There are two buttons on the device which makes these really to use. The only bad thing I would have to say about these is that I had time getting them to pair with me phone. And it's not the device that I blame lol I would totally blame myself for that lol. I got frustrated when trying to pair these on my own without looking at the manual first, which I don't recommend doing lol. Once I read the manual I got the hang of it very quickly. A little tip is that you must have one earphone in your ear, because once it turns on and connects it actually will say so through the ear phones which is pretty cool and I totally wasn't expecting lol.
As far as how they feel when wearing them I would say these are probably one of the most comfortable pair of earphones I have ever wore before. I was actually quite shocked to be honest with you. The green rubber parts hug around your ear pretty perfectly. I wasn't expecting them to be so comfortable. I am typically not  fan of the ear buds that go inside of your ear, but that's not the case with these. I am highly impressed.

These charge with a micro USB which is awesome. You wont have to worry about changing batteries, or having a random charger for these. I love how the charger is universal. Most electronics now a days charge with the micro USB so you don't have a million chargers which is awesome. These don't come charged, so be prepared to charge them fully before using them. When charging it has an LED light which indicates when you have a full charge. The very first charge took the longest, but after that I felt like these didn't take very long to charge at all. The battery life on these are amazing. They claim to have an 8 hour battery life which I totally agree with. If you think about it that's a really long time. If you workout for one hour a day, these will last you a whole week plus a day! Totally awesome. I hate charging things and this makes it a little easier on me, which is great.

Inside the box it comes with a micro USB charger which I mentioned previously in the review. This is great incase you don't have one already, which I highly doubt anyways lol. It's nice to have a spare. This is an extremely short charger, which is kind of annoying. But that's okay simply because when your charging these you wont be using them anyways.

Here is the extra piece for the headphones that are included in the box with these. I never really bother with these but I know with some these are a must. Once you put these in your ears I can totally vouch for saying you wont hear a thing lol. This can be kind of dangerous as well. I recommend using these for working out or listening to music in the car. I would say these probably wouldn't be the best choice if you plan on using these in the car to pick up phone calls, just because it doesn't seem like it would be a safe option lol. As far as working out these would probably be the best for. You really cant hear anything but whatever you have playing as soon as they enter your ears which I crazy. I have never had a pair of headphones like these before.
I mentioned at the beginning of this review how much these cost ($69.95) which seems like it is a little pricey, but I can assure you that these are awesome and totally worth every penny. They are super comfortable, totally sound proof and have an amazing battery life. I don't think there is anything on the market at the moment that compares to these for this price. I have seen some of these that are super similar going for a few hundreds dollars which is totally just crazy in my opinion. If you are in the market for an item like these. This is the pair that I recommend to you all out there.
Here's the link to their online store if you are interested in buying a pair for yourself:

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