Monday, March 21, 2016

Story Leather! Review

I received a beautiful product from an online store by the name of Story Leather. This is a company that makes some beautiful leather products such as phone cases and bags and a few other small items. I have never owned anything that is real leather so I am thrilled to be sharing this product with all of you guys today.

The first thing that totally caught me off guard is that everything comes in small boxes, which are super well packed. I was honestly a little surprised by this. It's not many companies that take the time to nicely ship things. So it's extremely nice that they take an extra step to make sure that your product will come in perfect condition. Another awesome thing about this company is that they make custom phone cases! If they don't have something you like listed on their webpage, then have no fear. You can design the perfect case for you. Your able to choose which design is best for you, along with the color, and the texture of the leather too. The possibilities are truly endless and that is so awesome. It's not everyday you find a company like this. To be honest I don't think I have ever found one that makes custom cases like these ones.

Each product is also wrapped in a piece of super soft fabric to prevent your case from getting damaged as well.

This is the case that was sent to me to try out. I can 100% say I am in love with this case. I have been on the hunt for this wallet style type of case for a pretty long time, and I haven't been able to find the right one for me until now. I think having a wallet style case is super convenient for running into the store or just going shopping with because you don't have to worry about carrying a bunch of things, all you need is your phone and then you are good to go! I have had this case for a few days now and I have been using it everyday. I can not even remember the last time I have been this obsessed with a phone case before, which is really surprising for me. I used this case this past weekend when I went to Disney and let me just it was life changing to say the least. I didn't have to worry about carrying a wallet. Everything was with me and it made going to the park so much easier.
The first thing I have to say about this case is that I am in love with the color of it. There are many color to choose from, and instantly when I seen this color I knew it was the one for me. As you can tell from my blog pink is my favorite color. It's kind of rare to find this perfect bubblegum pink on anything, so when I see stuff in this color I have to have it! lol.

Incase you are wondering the model I got is for the iPhone 6 plus. Also is anyone is an owner of an iPhone 6 plus you understand the struggle in finding cases for it. Let alone finding a cute one at that. I am really excited that they carry  case for my model of phone. They offer pretty much cases for all types of models, which is extremely awesome if your having a hard time looking for a case for your phone.

I am in love with this design of this case. It truly is perfect for me. It's short and sweet and right to the point. I didn't want a big bulky case for my phone and this one if perfect. It has three card slots, which is the right amount for me. I have carrying a million cards around with me so this makes it super easy to down size a little. Also another hidden feature is that there is money slot behind the cards. It actually took me a few days to find this to be honest with you lol. I love how this is hidden just because if someone were to pick it up, they wouldn't see your cash right away.

This case truly fits my phone like a glove. All my buttons are super accessible which is really important and the camera hole lines up perfectly with my phone as well. I know with some cases sometimes they cut outs for the buttons and camera can sometimes just be off, even in the slightest and that always drives me nuts! But that isn't the case with this.

This case has magnetic closure which makes it super easy to use. It makes this perfect if you only have one free hand as well.

Everything about this case is perfect. I am amazed with the quality and detail put into this case. Ever stitch is perfect, there truly isn't any flaws in this case at all. I love the design of the case. I love the color of this case. Is there anything I don't love about this case? Nope I don't think so. If you are on the market for an awesome phone case that is going to last you Story Leather is the place for you to find your match. I highly recommend these case and I can assure you that will be in love with these cases and that's a promise!

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