Monday, March 21, 2016

Birchbox Subscription Box! Review

Birchbox has always been one of my favorite subscription services out there. I was been subscribed to them for almost one year now and each month I usually get pretty good products. Birchbox is a beauty subscription that only costs $10 a month and each month you will get a box filled with some amazing products. Today we will be having a look at what's inside my March 2016 box.

Each month the boxes are also decorated differently. It looks like the theme this month is pastel colors. This really screams Spring to me and I love the gold accents on this box. The color scheme is super pretty.

Here is a list of all the products I will be getting this month. I try each month to avoid looking at the card, because I love being surprised with my let's ignore this for now lol.

The first item in my box this month is by Wilma Schumann which is brand I have never heard of before to be honest with you. This is a European skin care company. This product is a hydrating collagen eye pad. I have never tried a product like this before and I'm actually quite excited to try these out. This product claims to hydrate the skin around your eyes, and also pump the skin up as well to give you a bright and youthful look. This isn't a product I would ever buy myself so it's nice to see this inside my box. I will definitely be trying this product out asap.

The next product is by one of my favorite brands and that is Smashbox. I have tried a lot of products by the brand. A lot of which have come from my previous BirchBoxes in the past. I usually am a huge fan of all of their products. This is one of their new products which is their photo finish primer oil. I am beyond obsessed with primer. The fact that this one is an oil gets me immediately excited because I feel like this is going to be super hydrating for my dry skin, which will be great for me. This product seems like another hit with me.

The next thing included in my box this month is by the brand L'eau de Mare, this is a brand I have never heard of before. This is a hydrating shampoo. I must admit getting one of these in my boxes is something I am not really a huge fan of. I am kind of picky when it comes to my shampoo and conditioner. I have certain products that I use because I know what works best in my hair. I will however be trying this. It will come in handy for travel, and for a sample size this is a pretty good size compared to a foil packet which I hate!

Next we have something totally upsetting lol. We have the matching conditioner which is in a foil packet. I use way more conditioner then I do shampoo so I'm not even sure I will be able to get one full use out of this product. I will give this product a shot though. Who knows maybe this will be the best hair product I have ever tried.

Up next we have a product by the Balm, which is another one of my favorite brands too. I have discovered them from BirchBox as well and I love all of their lip products. The product that was included in my box this month is called stainiac, which is a lip stain. I love lip stains in gernal. I'm just going to assume that I will love this product. When I swatched this product on my hand it wasn't that dark, which is a good thing. I think this color will be buildable which is nice if you don't want to have a bold lip you will still be able to wear this product.

The last product that was included in my box this month is by the brand Living Proof. I would say I'm pretty familiar with this brand. I have tried a few products by them and I believe I have liked most of them. This product is called fresh cut split end mender. This definitely sounds like a product I will be using sense I have so many dead ends. I am always about  trying out new products so this product is a hit for me. This is product I would totally buy myself so I really hope this product ends up working out for me.

That's it for this months BirchBox. I have to say this was a pretty good box this month. I think the only product I am really not that happy with would have to be the conditioner in the foil packet. Other then that all the products seem pretty great and they are all something I would totally use which is great.
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