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DokiDoki by Japan Crate! Subscription Review

Today's review I will be showing you another subscription box. This one is brought to you by Japan Crate, but the edition of this box is DokiDoki. They emailed me and asked me I would be interested in reviewing this box and I immediately responded with YES! I love the whole kawaii trend and I have a feeling that's what this box is going to be filled with which is super exciting for me lol. So let's get a closer look at what inside this box.

When I first open this box this is what I see. As you can tell these boxes are actually pretty big in size and they are packed very nicely as well. All of the products that are in these boxes are placed nicely inside instead of just being thrown in a box. They wrap everything up in tissue paper as well so it helps everything stay in place when it is shipped to your home.

Right on top we have the flyer that comes inside every subscription box I have received. This is where I will find all the info on the products that are included in this box. As you can see this looks just like a comic book. I love how they got creative with this part and turned it into a comic book. It truly makes this box already stand out and we haven't even gotten inside this box yet lol.

Underneath the flyer, this is what we are left with. As you can see this box is full! I am quite surprised with how many products I already see in this box. I am super pumped to get inside and take a look, can you tell? I've only said that about 5 times by now lol.

The first product that I found in my box are these adorable food picks. These are in the theme of space. As you can see there are little stars, aliens, UFO's and planets. These are adorable. I have never seen anything quite like this before. It comes with 8 picks, which is a lot! You can use these several ways such as helping you pick up smaller foods to eat, or you can simply use these are decoration when you are serving food to someone. These would be super adorable cupcake picks which Is how I think I will be using these.

Next up we have this blue squishy donut. This is adorable too. I has a cell phone loop on the back so if you wanted you can hang this from your phone. I must say this looks pretty realistic. I think this is super different. It is really squishy as well which makes this fun to play with too lol.

Next we have something similar as well. We have the same product as the one previous just a different shape. This one looks like a paw. I love this! This is perfect for any animal lover quite like myself lol. This also has a cell phone loop that hangs from it so you can attach this to your phone too. You could actually hang either of these anywhere. Both of these would really good keychains just because they are really light weight....and they would give you something to play with throughout the day lol.

Next we have a Kawaii notebook.  This is absolutely adorable. I have also been looking for a mini notepad like this for my purse so this will be perfect. On the front cover there is a little chicken lol. I love how random that is and it is really cute as well. I love the size of this notebook too. It's perfect for small places such as purses because it's really not going to take up a lot of space which is important as well.

The next thing I have in box are these sushi wrappers. At first glance I thought these were cupcake liners, but I was wrong lol. If you look at the shapes you can tell that you could use these for sushi. How ever you don't have to use these just for sushi. I think these would be great for any other snack food as well. I think these are perfect for little snacks, because afterwards you just throw it away and then you are good to go. Anything that saves me from doing dishes I am a fan of. So I really do like these lol.

The next two items in this box took me quite some time to understand what they were lol. Everything is in Japanese and it gets confusing, which is why I am so glad that they included a cheat sheet in this box. Just so I am not lost lol, but this item is a blind box item. I'm sure most of you are familiar with those types of things, pretty much it's a surprise. There a few different things you can get, but you wont know until its open. It looks like the little figures inside each box resemble sushi and there little key rings, pretty adorable if I do say so myself. I'm not a huge fan of sushi but one of my really good friends are so I'm sure she would really appreciate this item. That's why I decided not to open up this one for all of you.

The next thing in my box is this little curry kit. I had no idea what this item is either, so I had to read my handy dandy little card. This is like those little meal sets. These are super popular right now. Pretty much it's like a teeny tiny meal kit which you make the food from all the ingredients in the box. There so bizarre and there are like a million different ones such as burgers and fries and so many other. These originally got super popular in Japan and then the U.S started making them as well. I have not ever tried one of these so I am a bit excited to see how this goes. The only thing that really concerns me about this item is that it's curry! Not exactly my cup of tea lol. I will be sure to make a separate blog post on this kit so you guys can see how it turns out, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

The next item I have to share with you are these adorable sauce containers. These are pretty adorable and super small too. This set contains three different tiny containers along with a funnel so you don't spill anything. I'm not exactly sure on what you could store inside of these but I'm sure I will put these to use some how. There is a duck, bunny, and rabbit. I love the creativity behind these. This is definitely an item that you would not find in the U.S, which is another reason I really like this. 

There's still more! Lol I feel like this post is forever long and there are so many things in my box. Up next we have some pens. These are styled like little geisha dolls. These are gorgeous pens. In the pack there were two that were included. One pink one and one sea foam green colored one. I bet you will never guess which one is my favorite lol. I think these are perfect, you really cant go wrong with included a pen. I am always on the hunt for pens. These immediately made a home in my purse.

The next item is a set of three disposable boxes. The set included three different patterns of these boxes. You really could use these for anything. On the front of the box it shows it storing food which would be a super cute way to pack your lunch, or even your child's. Simply after you are done with your meal you could just throw everything away. which is super easy because you don't have to worry about hauling anything back home.

The time has come where we are now at the last thing that was included in this box. For the last item it is.......... STICKERS! lol I am obsessed with stickers and stick them pretty much anywhere so I was actually really glad to see these inside my box. As you can see these are adorable, and I love how these included two different sheets.

So that's it for my DokiDoki box! As you can see there was a ton of stuff that as included in this box, and all of it was awesome. It's so cool to get all these items from Japan, just because these are things you cant typically buy everyday. It's cool to have a look at some things that come from Japan.
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