Friday, March 18, 2016

Surprise Ride! Subscription Review

Today I have another review for all of you on a subscription box. The one we will be getting a closer look at today is called Surprise ride. This is a little different for my blog and I am so excited to share it all with you. This is subscription box geared towards just kids. Each month, your child will be surprised with some fun activities to do along with a snack, and they will also learn some really awesome things as well. Lets go ahead and take a peek inside this box!

As far as each box goes, I think you can tell from the picture this is a pretty big box as well. Which is way more exciting to open lol. As soon as I opened the box right on top was the guide for the box. As you can see this months theme is japan. I don't have kids of my own but I might as well say that I do because I babysit everyday. I decided to bring this box over to the kids that I watch and surprise them with some fun, so I will also be including pictures of how we all enjoyed ourselves with this box!

Something thatis really awesome about this box is instead of this box being filled with a lot of goodies, it also comes with a lot thing to help your child learn. Inside the guide this little packet was filled with fun facts and info about Italy. My kids loved this as well. I first told read this to them to help them get a better understanding about Italy and then we got into the activities.

There was another card that was included that contained some more interested facts about Italy, some of these I didn't even know myself. It was quite interesting to learn about Italy.

Look how much stuff is included in this box!

Also inside each box comes with a card that shows you everything that will be inside just in case you are a little lost lol.

The first small thing that was included was this Italy flag. Who would have thought something to simple and small could make a child so happy. Lol I was surprised with how much the kids I watch enjoyed this flag.
The very first activity that was included in this box is this kit called Italian architecture with charcoal. This sounded very interesting and quite different.

Inside this kit you are given:
An architecture book
Charcoal to draw with in different sizes
A smudge eraser
and stick used to smudge as well.
The whole concept behind this activity is that you are suppose to pick something from the book to draw with the charcoal and then smudge it for a shading effect just like how they look in the book.

The book is filled with all different architecture that is in Italy. A lot of these seem very difficult to draw lol. I love how so many different things were included in this book for the kids to draw. It really gave them some options which was nice.
The whole architecture thing didn't last long before they wanted to draw there own things, which was all good as well. Extra paper was included and they also could draw on the front and back of each paper, so nothing went to waste lol which was good.
This activity was a little messy so I took the kids outside to draw. I didn't want the mess getting everywhere, but as you can tell from the pictures, there hands got really messy which is all fun ad games with kids. The charcoal that comes with this kit is really fragile too, so make sure you tell your kids that when you do this activity. I might have forgotten to mention that lol oops! There was a lot of charcoal that was included so this wasn't a huge problem.
Here's the final product of our leaning tower of Pisa. I think they did a great job, they had so much fun with this activity and it really kept them busy for a while. I love little creativity activities like this one they are so much fun to do!
Another great thing that was included in this box was a snack! These are margheritta pizza flavored lentil chips. I took this outside with us to enjoy with the kids. I didn't think they would like these because it is something that's a little different, but to my surprise they really did like these. They were really crunchy and I thought the flavor was pretty good too.

There is another activity in this box. This one is for a create your own mosaic pizza! How fun does that sound!

Inside this kit includes:
A plastic cup
A plastic spoon
A molding tray
Mosaic tiles
Plaster mix
Plastic gloves
Plastic apron
The whole concept with this activity is you mix up the plaster in the cup and a little bit of water. You are then left with a dough mixture. With the dough you spread it out in the tray to make it look like pizza dough, and then you decorate it by placing all the tiles in the dough. Then you wait for it to dry and pick it out of the tray and it should be hard.
Mixing the dough and creating it, is very simple it gives you instructions in the box which is helpful. I might have messed up a little bit by adding wayyy to much water lol. Ooopsies! I fixed my mistake by adding some flour which seemed to work out well. So if you end up making the same mistake I did have no fear lol. This is what our "pizza" looked like after spreading the dough out. I think we did  a pretty great job.
Here it is! The final product. This was my favorite activity that was in the box. I love how everything you needed for this activity was included in this box, even the cup you need to mix the dough up was included which was awesome. This kit also came with gloves and an apron just incase you don't want your kids to make a mess. We skipped this step because we were outside.This was a very fun activity to make. I think the kids really did enjoy this too.
A little soccer bean bag ball was also included in this box too. I love how they went above and beyond and included small things like this. Just because after the activities are done the kids will have something to play with.

The last thing that was included in my surprise ride box was this month was a book. This actually a pretty awesome book too. This is from the series Magic Tree House which was one of my ultimate favorite series growing up. We ended our afternoon by reading this book, it was cool to be able to share them a little piece of my childhood with them. They really enjoyed this book as well.

Well that it for this months Surprise Ride Box! I am beyond amazed with this box. So many fun things were included and we really did have an amazing time with this box. The kids I watch told me they want to try these boxes out again. It's nice to have something to bound with your kids with that doesn't include electronics. This kept us busy the whole afternoon and I really enjoyed spending this time with them. I really hope to have the opportunity to review some more of these boxes.
I highly recommend checking these boxes out for your kids. I can assure you they will enjoy them. It will give you some great activities to enjoy together.


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