Sunday, March 13, 2016

Treska! Review!

I have a very exciting review for you all today. I will reviewing an online store by the name of Treska. They make some beautiful statement pieces of jewelry, as well as handbags, scarfs, and other accessories. I must also add that all of the pieces on their online store 100% hand crafted and made in the U.S. Today I will reviewing two different jewelry pieces for you all. Let's get into the review!
The first item I have to share with all of you is statement necklace. This is a very loud piece lol. I must say this isn't something I would typically wear but I am in love with this piece to say the least. I love how unique this is. I love how wearing this piece on a plain basic outfit would really spice it up and make it look totally different which is pretty awesome. As you can tell from the picture there is so much going on with this necklace. As far as the color scheme goes I really love it! I love the blend of these oranges, blues, creams, and greens. They really all go together beautifully. I love the blend of the different colors. By having so many colors in one piece this really makes it a lot easier when it comes to pairing this piece with an outfit sense it will go with so many outfits.

As far as closure goes for this necklace this has something a little different. I have never seen something quite like this before. This is called a hook clasp. It's pretty self explanatory you simple slide the open hole on the hook and boom you are secure. The extra little notch on the hook makes sure it doesn't slide off. This is a pretty simple clasp but I love it! It's super easy to use to take on and off your jewelry. I hate asking people to help put my jewelry on for me and this is super simple you can easily do this by yourself.

Another reason I really love this piece is because how different all the beads are. There are four different rows when it comes to this necklace. Each one is filled with all different beads of different sizes, shapes, and colors. It is so funky but they really all do go together so perfectly. The material used to make these beads are different too they range from stone, plastic and wood beads.
The last item I have to review is the matching earrings of this set. I am truly in love with these too! I wouldn't say these are as loud as the earrings, but I would say these are pretty cute too! I think together wearing both piece your bound to get some compliments. You could easily wear these earrings on their own too which is nice. These earrings don't have as much color as the necklace which makes these a little more plain. These however are my favorite style of earrings. These are the dangle type, which looks good on pretty much everyone.

The back of these earrings are my favorite type as well! You simply just hook these in and your good to go. You don't need actual backs but you could wear them if you wanted. I love how they did include these with the earrings just in case you wanted to wear them. For my own personal preference I don't like wearing the plastic backs, it just creates an extra un-needed step for me which I don't usually have time for, but that's just me.

I have to say I love these jewelry piece. These are some gorgeous pieces and the are made beautifully. I am amazed with how well they have held up with me wearing them each a few times already. They both feel really sturdy and secure which is nice. I highly recommend checking this site out for some awesome pieces to add to your jewelry collection.
I really hope to work with Treska again and review some more products from them!
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