Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hatchery Subscription Box! Review

I have yet again another subscription review for all of you today. The one I will be reviewing for you all is called Hatchery. This is a food related box. Each month you get a box filled with ingredients you can use to cook with. All of which are super unique and pretty one of a kind. Each box comes with a guide on the all the ingredients that includes info such as who made the item, where it was made, and what's in it. I forgot to add that each item in this box was made by different people or brands that your not going to find in your local super market, which is why Hatchery is so unique.

This is the box that contains all the awesome food! You guys have no idea how excited I am to get into this box and try some of these things out!

First thing I see on top of my box is this Hand written letter from Jackie who works for Hatchery. I love getting hand written notes in my products I receive for reviews it makes me feel fancy lol. Don't judge me I know it's a little weird. Underneath the note is the Tasting guide I was telling you all about a little earlier in this blog post. Inside this you will find a list of everything that you will find inside your box along with the description of each product so your not clueless if you have no idea what something is.

Underneath the tasting guide I can see all of the products that inside this box. It looks like there is going to be 5 things in this box. Everything in this box is individually wrapped it is own paper. All of the items are then placed in shredded up pieces of paper to add for extra safety when it's being shipped to your door. I must say everything arrived in perfect condition, so that isn't something you will need to worry about when ordering your own box :)

The very first item that is in my box is by American Juice Company. This is an all natural craft cocktail blend. Right away just by reading what this product is I can tell this is going to be something that I will like. I love the packaging for this juice, how it's in a glass jar too! This is a 2oz sample size.

Now I will get into a small description of the item for those of you how are a bit confused to what this exactly is. This is their juice that's called Ginger Gershwin. It says that you can mix this with a lot of different things or you can just drink it alone. The flavors that are in this juice are citrus and ginger, so there is going to be a little bit of a kick to it. The samples of what it would go great with are cocktails, popsicles, smoothies and tea. This is an all natural product and gluten free too!
Next up we have a salad dressing from Balsamo's kitchen. I am a huge fan of salad dressings, and I am always trying some new ones too! I think this is going to be a hit with me! This is also a 2 oz sample size.
This is called their 7 salad dressing. The base of this dressing is canola oil. It also contains garlic, turmeric, and paprika. You can use them several ways as well such as with salads, chicken, pizza and pasta. I have to say I couldn't help myself and I had to try this one right away. It tasted so great, it really reminded me a lot of Italian dressing but so much better. I am definitely going to be using the rest of this dressing!

The next product we have that's in this box is by Savour this Kitchen. This is a little different from the last two that are in this box. This is a spice blend. They call this nomad spice blend. This is an all natural, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free blend which is awesome too! There are several ways you can use this product such as on pork, chicken, lamb and potatoes.
Next we have an item from Jammy Yummy. This is their red pepper jam. This sounds a little different from the traditional sweet jam that I have been used to my whole life. I am pretty excited to try this out sense it's so different. This is a really thick jam made with bell peppers and a little bit of sugar for some added sweetness. This goes great with chicken, sandwiches, salads and cheese. This is also all natural, gluten free, vegan and a vegetarian product.

The last item that's in my box is by Soft Peaks Confection and this is their Chai Spice Dulce. So this is more like a sweeter item and could be used as a desert. This is sweetened with condensed milk heavy whipping cream to give it it's thick consistency. This would go great with cakes, cookies or fruit. This is a vegetarian product as well.

That's it for this box! As you can see there was so much packed into this box I am highly impressed! I love how all the products in here are so different and not like your normal everyday grocery finds. This is great for people who have strict diets such as gluten free or vegans. Most of these products that were in my box cater to those types of people with that as their diets.  I must say I am so excited to experiment with all of these food items and try some new things! I think this is such a great idea for a subscription box and think it's definitely worth checking out, just to even try. I can assure you that you will love this box!

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