Monday, March 7, 2016

Ipsy Review!

I have a little delayed of a blog post for you all today. I will be doing a full review on my monthly subscription service of Ipsy. This is the subscription service from February. I thought better late then never right? For those of you asking what the heck a Ipsy is I will explain. This is a subscription service that is based around your beauty needs! when you sign up you take a little quiz that asks you all kinds of beauty questions about your self, such as your eye and hair color and what kind of products you use. This little quiz makes sure to ensure you get products that would more then likely want to try out. I think its awesome on how accurate this quiz is with your box each month. I don't think I have ever received a product that I was unhappy with.
Firstly all the subscription products are sent monthly in cute makeup bags each month. I am in love with this months! It looks like an adorable love letter :) I have to say this makeup bag is pretty nice and feels really sturdy as well which Is awesome as well !
This months theme is Pretty in #ipsypink I love the name of this theme! Each month inside your bag you are sent a little card with the theme and on the other side it lists all the products in your box. I however discard this because I like being surprised.

The first product is by SmashBox which is one my favorite brands. This is one of their newer products which is called Photo finish primer oil. I have to say I really love how much product is included in this sample, you can easily try this out quite a few times. You only need a little tiny bit when you use this product each time anyways. I am obsessed with trying out new primers and the fact that this one is an oil just is so much more inviting lol. I love how different this product is. I am super excited to try this one out!
A eye makeup brush is next. You can never have to many makeup brushes in my opinion. I use so many its probably not even funny lol. I love how this one is pink of course. This would be perfect for a lot of different areas around your eyes. I love how soft this brush is as well. Another thing I really like is how the hair bristles are white on the top, call my weird but this makes it so much better in telling when your makeup brushes are clean and when they are dirty lol.

The next product that is included is by the brand Chella. I have never heard of this brand before. This is lip pencil in the color passionate pink. I have to say I am in love with this color and I think it's perfect for wearing with pretty much any outfit. I tried this right away and I can honestly say I never typically go for products like this, but this one I really love. I cant wait to wear this with a few different looks. I will be sure to use this quite a bunch.
Next we have a product by the name Naked. I have tried so many products by this brand before and I love them all! This is one of their loose pigment eye shadows. Ipsy nailed it with this color. I loveeeee it and its totally something that I would normally go for!

The last product that was included in my ipsy bag is this hydrating cream by the brand carrot and rose. This is a brand I have never heard of before and I am super excited in trying this out. I think this has several uses. I have super dry skin so this will be a perfect product for me! I plan on trying this out as a facial cream.
As you can see this Ipsy bag was packed with amazing products. Most of these would be products that I would buy by myself anyways! I can't believe that their subscription bags are only $10 a month. It's such a steal because you get so many amazing products and you really truly get your moneys worth with this subscription service. I am so hooked on this company and highly recommend getting  one for yourself!
Use this link to sign up!

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