Monday, March 7, 2016

Golden Canyon By Susan J. O'Connell! Review!

Today I have a review on a company that I am not that familiar with. I am reviewing some products from the company called the Gold Canyon. This is an independent consultant company and today I will be representing Susan J. O'Connell. Before we begin this review I would like to start off by thanking Susan for sending me these products to review. If you have any questions about these products or would like to order something make sure you contact Susan directly all of here contact info will be located at the bottom of this blog post :)
For this review I was sent two different products to try out. Both of the products that were sent to me are sample size, which are perfect for me to share with you and try out for myself and give you my honest opinion. I was sent a candle to try out and a cleaning product.
The first product that was sent to me was just a sample size of  candle. This is actually a full sized product but I was just sent the tail end of it try out. The scent of this candle is called Autumn Walk this scent is described as the following : " Enchanting. Fragrant. Musky. Notes of Jasmine, Musk & Sandalwood". I have to say just by hearing the name of this scent I didn't think I would be a fan of it to be honest with you. I do have to say I was completely wrong. I think this scent is amazing and super relaxing. I think this is a perfect "home-y" scent for your home. I am so glad that this was the scent that was sent to me I am a huge fan of this. All of the candles on this website are sold in three different sizes, so you have some options when choosing which size is best for you and for your needs. This is the biggest one you can get.

I cant believe for the price how much product you actually get! This candle says it can burn for up to 200 hours! That is incredible and a very long time. I have to say just the little amount of candle that was left lasted me quite some time. I was amazed at how well this candle burned. I thought the scent was super powerful and lasted for a very long time. To be 100% honest with you all, I usually go to Bath and Body Works and buy all of their candles because I love their candles because they are the most powerful that I have found anywhere....until now. This is the strongest candle I have ever tried before. This instantly filled my house with this amazing scent. I relieved so many compliments when I used this in my home as well, which was awesome! Who doesn't love hearing that their home smells amazing? Lol that's probably the best compliment you can get when you have guests over. I can promise you, that you will not find a candle this powerful, this big, and this cheap anywhere else. I highly recommend checking these out for yourself!
The next product I have to review for all of you is something a little bit different. I received a sample size of one of their all purpose cleaners. First I must start off by saying how adorable is this sample?! Lol I think its so cute and adorable! The point of this product is to use it to clean pretty much anywhere, which is amazing. It is packed with essential oils that provide antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties. This product is safe to use pretty much anywhere you can think of. I used this in my car to clean my dash boards and over small crevices and I have to say this did an amazing job. I was impressed with how well it cleaned. I was also impressed with the scent alone! This has hints of Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Spearmint. I'm sure you can imagine how amazing this smells. It just is the perfect scent for a cleaning product. It smells clean and super refreshing which is awesome. I plan on keeping this in my car and using this all the time. This product is really amazing!

I want to thank Susan for personally sending me these products to try out. I am not in love with this company and super impressed with the quality of these products. I can honestly say I am not curious to try some more of these products out lol.
Make sure you have a look for yourself!

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