Friday, March 4, 2016

CreationTop! Review!

Today I have  review on a shop I have worked with in the past. The name of this online store is called CreationTop. They have their online store through Etsy. They have some amazing products. Like I stated in the beginning of this review I have worked with this company in the past and I am still in love with what they sent me last time. This company is known for the jewelry. I think there most popular items are the customized beads/charms. They have a wide range of inventory for Pandora bracelets. They sell these beads at super inexpensive prices and the quality is just as good, or even a little better then the quality of Pandora itself. This company really stuck out to me when I seen the option on their website to customize beads. You can take literally whatever photograph you want and place it on a bead. It's pretty awesome and super unique. This time for the review I have two products I will be reviewing and both of them are a little different from each other and I'm so excited to share them both with you today.
First I need to state by saying every bead that you order from the company comes in boxes, which is really nice I must add. The very first bead I have for you is one of their Pandora knock-offs. If I am correct I'm pretty sure Pandora has a bead that looks pretty identical to it. I love my Pandora bracelet but I never seem to buy beads for it very often because of the price of each bead it gets pricey. It really gets expensive if you are into the Disney beads like I am. When I seen this on their website I just had to review it for you all. I was super curious to how the quality would be. I must say this bead is gorgeous. I was actually kind of surprised how pretty this bead is in real life. It had small silver rhinestones all over the front and also has some pink accents as well. This bead is made out of .925 silver so you don't have to worry about this tarnishing or turning funny colors which is great as well. I am soo happy with this bead and I can easily tell that this bead will last me forever.
The next bead I have up is one of their customized beads. Of course I went with another Disney style bead. I told the owner of the shop I wanted a picture of the castle on the bead and this is what they came up with! I am so impressed and I love this image so much! The clarity  of the image is awesome as well. It looks perfect and I just love this. This is a little diffwerent then the other customized bead I reviewed previously. This one is a dangle style, which I just love. I think it's very unique. I love how around the image there is a gold boarder. I think it's pretty cool to have both metals in one beads, just because they will go with either colored bracelet. This bead is 18k gold plated and silver plated as well. I can honestly say that I am super impressed with both of these beads!

Here is the link to the review where I featured this shop before:
The item that I reviewed in my previous blog post was the same kind of item. It was a personalized bead. I received this bead in August of 2015 and let me just tell you the bead is in perfect condition still. I was worried about some of the rhinestones falling out but they haven't yet, and I'm the type of person where I never take off my jewelry...ever. I sleep and shower in it, and its still perfect. This shop is amazing with great one of a kind products. I will continue to stand behind them 100% and wish them the best with their shop and I hope you check them out as well!
Check their website out here:

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