Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CreationTop on Etsy!

I received probably one of the coolest things to review on for my blog yet!

CreationTop sent me a personalized bead for my charm bracelet!

This bead for my bracelet is personalized with my favorite picture of my boyfriend and I in font of the castle at Disney World.

When I first seen this product listed in their shop I was curious on how it would actually be once I received one for myself. I was very nervous because I thought the picture would come out blurry or you wouldn't be able to really tell what it was. I'm also nervous when purchasing beads for my Pandora bracelet that aren't officially Pandora because sometimes they don't fit properly, but this one does!

I figured with the price being only $23.00 it probably wouldn't be that great, but to my surprise I was wrong.

It arrived in a really nice box and was on a piece of string inside the box. I'm so happy with how this bead came out. Its really adorable and I love it.

One side of this bead is the picture and the other side just has pink rhinestones all over it. The bead is really shiny and beautiful. I cant get over the quality for this price! These beads are way cheaper then a Pandora bead and there so personalized! You cant get anything more personal then your own picture and that's for sure.

This is the link for the bead:

Make sure you check this shop out at: