Wednesday, August 19, 2015

PhoenixFire Designs on Etsy! Interview :)

Name: Miss M. Turner

Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
Age: 38
Name of shop: PhoenixFire Designs
How'd you come up with the name of your shop: I have always loved the myth of the phoenix. The idea of continually improving and growing and rising from your own ashes. I find it very empowering.
How long has your shop been open: I opened my etsy shop in October 2006
What gave you the idea about opening an etsy shop: I had previously been selling handmade jewelry on my personal website and blog. It was a hassle to keep it updated and current. When I heard about Etsy it seemed like a much easier way to manage my available items and sales. I liked the idea of an all handmade marketplace as well.
Is this a hobby of your or do you do this full time?: PhoenixFire Designs has been my full time job since 2011. In May 2011 I wound up in the ER after being in pain for days and discovered I had nearly 3lbs of tumors in my uterus. After several months of treatments, I had a hysterectomy at age 34 in October 2011. During this time, I was on medical leave from my job but shortly after surgery when I was in recovery, I was informed that I was being laid off. It was then that I decided to try to run my jewelry business full time. It was the best decision I ever made and though scary, it's been very fulfilling ever since.
What kind of items do you sell in your shop: I make completely handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry with my signature being the Tree of Life pendant. I make a wide variety of styles and colors including Family Trees with birthstones, bird nest pendants to celebrate motherhood, hand hammered free form pendants such as gemstone wrapped hearts and more. Every piece is meticulously crafted from scratch by my two hands.
Your favorite item that you sell: I love my full moon trees! I will nestle a round "coin" style bead into the branches of a tree of life pendant. I always picture a scene of the moon peeking out from behind the bare branches of a tree against a night sky. My opalite moonstone full moon tree is my most popular item in the shop, so I'm apparently not alone in liking this style!

Something you want to happen to your shop in the future: Well I always want to be able to continue making special pieces for my customers. I truly love making things that I know mean something to them and that they can cherish; things that make them smile when they wear it. I like to keep busy so I would of course like for my shop to continue in popularity and name brand recognition. A lot of people know me as "the tree of life lady" which is fun but I'd love that to grow even more so more people know my shop by name! 

Do you have any plans for your shop products in the future: If so what: Always!  I've been adding more non-tree wire wrapped pendants lately. Trying out some new techniques and expanding on those I use in my trees. I've also been adding some new items such as purse charms and shawl pins on a limited test run to see how people respond to them. I'm forever tinkering and trying new things. Plus, my customers always keep me on my toes when they ask if I can make something unique based on their inspiration or idea.

What is something you want your future customers to know about your shop: Every piece of PhoenixFire Designs jewelry is made with love and care. I love what I do and I want you to love your piece too. I am always happy to make something custom for a client since it's all made from scratch anyway! I take pride in my work and this is not only my business, but my passion. Let me share it with you.
My favorite item that is for sale in this shop is this peacock necklace! I'm a huge fan of peacock feathers because there so pretty and colorful! and this necklace is absolutely perfect. I cant get over the true beauty in this. This is definitely an eye-catching piece.

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