Sunday, February 28, 2016

Influentzer Target Dry Spray VoxBox Review!

Today I have a very exciting review for all of you today! This is something completely new that I found while googling away a few weeks ago. I came across a website by the name of which is something I have never heard of before. Pretty much the concept behind the website is that you fill out short questionnaires about yourself and products you use daily and then if you fit the criteria for reviewing some products that the company is looking for they will send you some to review. I have to say I totally thought this was crap when I first seen the website I filled out some questions and didn't hear anything back for a while, then I got an email saying I was chosen to review this box. I was super excited and it was a pretty easy process as well. I also have my next box on the way as well which is pretty cool to!!
The box that  will be reviewing for you all today is called the Target Dry Spray VoxBox  which contains two products by Dove.
Both of the products included in this box are the same type of product just one is for male and one is for female. I let my boyfriend try out the Men's product and then I tried out the female one. To be honest with you I happened to try out both of them just so I could get a good feel for the product. I will first explain what these products are. They both are called Dry Spray and they can be used as deodorant or they can used just to freshen up and add some scent to you. Lets start with the Men's. My boyfriend tried this out and said that he liked the way it made him feel. He works construction so he's always out in the sun and sweating and he said this product really did help him stay a little bit dryer. He said he liked the scent. He also said it smelt a lot like his AXE products that he already has. When I tried this I thought it smelt awesome I was surprised to be honest with you. The scent lasted a really long time too!
The Women's scent that was included in this box was a Cucumber scent which is one of my favorites. I thought this smelt amazing! Definitely a scent I would pick out for myself. I thought this product was super refreshing and made me feel very clean! I think this is going to be the perfect product for spring and summer. You wont have to worry about this melting in your bag which is awesome. I used this in the beginning of the day before I left for work and I can honestly say I smelt this the entire day. I received a lot of compliments on what I was wearing too! A lot of people were surprised when I told them this was a product made by DOVE. I can say that I am a huge fan of this product and I will be re-buying when this one runs out.
It's safe to say these products are pretty awesome and I really suggest checking them out! I think you would be really impressed. Make sure you stay tuned to see what I have coming up next in Next months Influentzers box!

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