Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spicy Subscription Box Review!

Today I have a review for all of you that is something different from anything I have done here on my page yet. This is called the Spice Box. This is subscription box that is used for couples all over. You order this box and you get it once a month to help spice things up in the bedroom! I think this is such an awesome idea, and I love how I was able to try this box out and share it with you guys here on my blog today.

I  have to apologize in the delay for this box, due to me moving this was misplaced and I just recently found it again. I am super excited to see what is inside of this box. Like I said already I have never tried out a subscription box like this before so I was super excited to try out something new. Most of the subscription boxes that I have tried are usually beauty, and snack products so lets take a peek together.
As you can see the very first thing that is on top is a piece of paper that lists everything that is included in the box, I tried not to look at this just because I want to be surprised when I open it.
I like how each box contains a theme for the month and this months box is called "Anal Fantasy"

The very first product that I see in this box is  pair of pasty's I do have to say I have never used a product like this before, and I have actually always wanted to try. These are actually really pretty. I love how elegant they are. As you can tell from the picture, they are all white, and they almost looks like pearls. They look very classy. I have to say if I was going to buy a product like this for myself this probably the one I would choose for myself. I love trrying new things out and I am actually really excited to try these.

The next product is just a sample size of Pink Water. Which is a lubricant especially for women. A lot of people don't know but women should only use water based lubes, it's a lot safer for the lady parts down there. I make sure when I do get lubes those are the only kind I typically buy. I have never tried this brand before and I am excited to try this out as well. This is a perfect sample size, just for a one time thing. This is also perfect for travel if you don't want to carry around your big bottle. I know when my boyfriend and I go on little vacations we typically pack really light, so this is perfect for us, and if you end up loosing it, it's not a huge loss.

The next product is a lotion by the brand of Crazy Girl. This is another brand I have never heard of. The scent is Sugar Plum Fairy which just sounds amazing. I usually go for sweeter scents so this is definitely something I will use. It says this lotion has "sex attraction" I'm going to be honest with you when I say I have no idea what that really means lol. I did however try this product and just used a small amount on my hands, and I am in love with this product. It smells amazing, almost candy like which is awesome. I only used a small amount and was amazed with how strong the fragrance was. I asked my boyfriend is he liked the smell and he did which was another plus. This made my skin feel amazing, and I am really excited to try this on my legs after I shave. I can only imagine how soft this is going to make me feel :)

The last thing that was in my spicy box is a product by the brand anal fantasy, this is a brand I have never heard of. It is a silicone plug. I do have to say I have never tried this kind of product before, but i'm glad it was included. This is something I would never buy myself, but I would be interested in trying it out.

I have to say I am super impressed with this box. It was packed with a lot of products for a super low price too. I am loving this box and so is my boyfriend. This is perfect for people who are like me and too nervous to go into the sex store lol. I never know what I want to try, so this box is perfect. It sends you products that you can try out and its super convenient because it's sent right to your front door!

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