Sunday, February 28, 2016

Artsy Aries Designs! Review!

Today I have a product to review for all of you from an online store on Etsy that goes by the name of Artsy Aries Designs! I love getting to review homemade products, and I am super excited to share this store with all of you today! 
The product that was sent to me from this shop is a jewelry item. Jewelry items are always my favorite to review, and lets just be honest you truly can never have too much jewelry can you? Lol well I don't think you can. Jewelry can add so much to such a simple outfit. It really can make an outfit look so much different. This is why I am such a huge fan and have so much of it. I love being able to add just a simple piece and changing up my whole look! The item that was sent to me to review is a handmade beaded bracelet. Let me just tell you this is such a gorgeous piece. I was unable top find the exact link to this bracelet so below is a link to a similar bracelet just in different colors.

The color scheme for this bracelet is green and dark brown. I have to say these aren't colors I would typically go for. In this bracelet however I just love the two colors together. I think they balance out each other perfectly and I am actually super impressed with how much I love this piece of jewelry. I think both of these colors would pretty much go with any outfit. I am a a fan of having a lot of jewelry on at once and I think this will be perfect for when I layer bracelets on at once.

If you look closely at the image above you can really see how much detail was put into this bracelet. The beads are teeny tiny. I cant even imagine how long this took to make. I also wonder how many beads are on this bracelet too. I think this bracelet is gorgeous and truly is one of a kind. As you can see this bracelet just isn't simply beaded it also has a pattern to it. The description of this bracelet is that it looks like the Human DNA and it really does, it has a sort of spiral effect to it. I have to say she did an amazing job at creating this piece and it really is gorgeous. It feels pretty sturdy as well, which was something that I was concerned about because of all the little beads in this piece. I can happily say I have no concerns in wearing this bracelet and I am so excited to have this piece in my jewelry collection as well.
This shop owner is extremely talented and I highly suggest checking out her shop for yourself!


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