Monday, February 8, 2016

Younique! Review!

Today I have a very exciting review for all of you today. I have some products from a brand I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about and that is called Younique. I have heard some amazing things about this brand so I was super excited that I was given this opportunity to try some of these products out! Amanda Davenport is the Younique consultant I am representing. She is one of the most friendly people I have met through doing review and she is extremely knowledgeable about her products so if you have any questions about any of these products or if you want to order any of these make sure you contact her! All of her contact info will be down below!
She sent me so many products to try out! I am so excited to get into this review for all of you. As you can see all of these products come all boxed up so you don't have to worry about anything breaking or spilling when these products are shipped to you.

The first product I have up for review is the Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel, this is product I was actually really wanting to try just because I am always using something new and I still haven't found the best product for my brows in my opinion.

The color that she sent me was in Medium. This color was perfect for me, it wasn't too dark and it wasn't too light. I'm never sure on what color to fill my brows on with because I am a blonde. I have only ever used darker colors. So I am super excited that she sent me to color medium. I do like this color the best for my brows! As you can see this product has a small wand used to apply the product on your brows. I would say this brush is super similar to a mascara wand. I was super impressed with using this product. I thought it did an amazing job and filling in my brows. I think it gave the perfect coverage and wasn't too much product, so it gave them a natural look to them. I would have to say for the price I think this is a pretty good deal, you don't really use a lot of product when using these for your brows, so I can see this product lasting a really long time.
The product that I have next to review is one of the Lucrative Lip Glosses, the one that she sent me is in the color Lovesick.

I do have to say just based on the packaging I am instantly loving this product. I love how the packaging is so sleek and has a super nice look to it. On the back of the gloss there was a mirror attached to the back of it which is perfect! This is great to throw into your purse and not worry about putting in a mirror as well. I think that is a genius idea. I think this was a pretty good product. I didn't have a smell which was good. It didn't smell amazing which was bummer, but it wasn't terrible either which is good too lol. I also really liked the texture of this gloss. I have tried a lot through out my time, and I have tried a lot similar to this one. I thought this was going to be super sticky, and almost kind of tacky feeling but I was wrong. This was perfect in my opinion, it was nice and soft on my lips! I think this is a good gloss for pairing it with any lipstick color, or even just wearing it alone. I think for the money this is product you could use a few different ways.

Here is a swatch I used to show you the color of the product. In the bottle this color looked like it would be more of an orangey pink color. But it really isn't, this product is more on the pink side and that pretty much it. You cant really tell in this photo but this has a lot of sparkle and shine to it which makes it super inviting for me lol. I think this would be the perfect gloss to apply over any lipstick color that you might already be wearing at the time. There isn't too much color, so it will be perfect to pair with any look that you might be trying to achieve.
The next product is one of their Mood Struck precision pencil lip liners. The color of the one that she sent me to try out is called Posh.
I haven't had a lot of experience with lip liners but I'm all about trying new things! I have been told that you can use lip liner just as a lipstick and it will be almost like the same thing like wearing lipstick normally. So that is how I chose to try this one out. I applied this all over my lips and instantly was impressed with how this product looked on my lips. I think it gave a pretty nice look to my lips and it was also pretty matte too, which I know is pretty hot right now when it comes to different lip looks. I can see this being used a lot of different ways too. I think this is great lip color alone. This would also make a good look with just using this to line your lips. I'm excited to experiment with this product a little more :)


As you can see from this swatch this color is gorgeous! It's a dark pink, almost a deep red color. I think this is the best color that they carry in this product and I'm super glad that she chose this one for me.
Lipstick is up next! Out of all the products that are listed on this website. This is one of the ones that was up there on my list of wanting to try out really badly lol. I am super grateful that she was able to send me one of these as well. This specific lipstick is called Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick and the color that I received is called Ritzy!
At first glance I am in love with this color. I used this product out a few times after receiving this package. I do have to say the few times that I did use this product I received a lot of compliments on my lip color. I think this color is perfect for me and my skin tone. I thought this product was really hydrating for my lips which I thought to be a little odd. I have never had a lipstick that felt this smooth and didn't dry out my lips in the process. So that was definitely a win for me lol. I think this product again could be warn a lot of ways, with out without liner, and with or without gloss too!

I am a huge hoarder of lipsticks and I can honestly say I don't have a color quite like this one. It's super light pink color. I do have to say this lipstick is super pigmented. This swatch is just one light layer of the product. This is product you could also build up if you were trying to achieve  darker look. Or with just one layer this is a super natural looking color.
The last product I have to review from Younique is one of their cream eye shadows. I do have to be honest with you when I say this. I have tried cream shadows before and they have never been my favorite. But I am very open to trying new products so maybe this will be a hit for me this time!
I do have to say that they are totally killing it with the packages for these products. As you can see this comes in a really nice jar. This is actually a glass jar, and I love the frosty effect it has on the glass. This has a really nice look to it.

The color that Amanda sent me is called Noble which is a purple color. I am a huge fan of this color in general and I have to say that I don't have any shadows in this color at all. I do have to say with the touch this product is really soft. I was expecting it to feel almost wet. It's kind of hard to explain how this product feels but I will try so  bare with me lol. This is super soft and when I placed it on my eye lids it felt like a powder. I really wasn't expecting that with this product. I love the feel of this product. I love how different this really is. I think out of all the products that were sent to me this one is by far my favorite, which is super surprising lol. This stayed in place when I used it and it didn't crease at all, which is the problem I sometimes have with shadows in general.
Here is a swatch of this shadow. As you can see from this picture the color of this product is more of greyish purple, which is prefect. I was nervous about this being just straight up purple, and then that way I wouldn't be able to wear it as much. This color is super wearable and could be used a few different ways as well!
I would have say all of these products I tried I really like! I am so glad I was able to try some of these out for all of you guys, I hope you enjoyed this review and if you are interested in ordering any of these products make sure you contact Amanda and she will hook you up with what you need!
I would also like to thank you Amanda for giving me the opportunity to review some of your products. I am so beyond grateful for these products and will definitely be using these!

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