Monday, February 8, 2016

GradBin! Subscription Box Review!

Today I have a review for all of you, for a subscription box that is pretty new to me. It's called the GradBin. This is a subscription box for students who live on campus, this is suppose to be something you can order every month and it comes with stuff you might need for your dorm. I have never heard of this company before, but I thought this was a pretty genius idea for all you students out there. I'm excited to see what's inside mine!
I do have to apologize by having a delay on my review for this one. I did this much earlier, but I lost all my data so I had to start again, but have no fear I am here today to give this amazing review! I'm sure if you happen to love this box then I'm sure you will like any of the ones that came after this one.

This first item in this box is some tea. This is a pretty good assortment as well. I have just started getting into the whole tea craze, so I'm excited to add these to my collection to try some new ones out! They sent four different kinds, Blueberry white, Chamomile, Masala Chai, and English Breakfast. All of these flavors are very different in style, and in taste too. I think the one I'm the most excited for is the Blueberry White. That one sounds amazing and I might just make this after I'm done with this review lol.

Next up we have a product I have never even hear of before. It's called chocoxo. What this product is, is ground up pieces of chocolate. I haven't opened this yet, but you can feel it through the bag that these are teeny tiny pieces of chocolate. It says on the front of the package "Real chocolate bits that melt instantly in warm milk." On the back of these packages are recipes for the perfect hot chocolate. I am a hugeeee fan of hot chocolate, especially around this time of the year, so I am super excited to try these out. I love how they included two of these too, I'm sure I'm going to be a huge fan of this product after I try it :)

Next up we have five squares of chocolate. Three of these are Dark chocolate, which happen to be my least favorite kind of chocolate, but I'm sure they wont go to waste in my house lol. You really cant go wrong when it comes to chocolate, everyone loves it lol. The two that are left, in the red wrappers are Milk chocolate with expresso! These just sounded amazing when I first seen these in my box and I just couldn't control myself. I just had to have one.....or maybe both of them. Sorry I couldn't control myself. These were amazing, and now I'm wishing more of these came in this box!
Another sweet treat is up next. This one is peppermint vanilla mints! These just scream "Dani" lol pretty much my two favorite things into one, peppermint, and vanilla. I do have to say these were pretty darn good as well. I did enjoy these and plan on putting a few of these in my new hot choco mix that came in this box. I have a feeling that will be an amazing combo!
The next item is not food this time lol. This time it's just a notepad.  This notepad is pretty basic but I like it and I'm sure I will be using this for something. I don't know about you but I always need to write stuff down, so this will be perfect I can just throw this into my purse and it will be great.
I like how the inside of this notepad is all blank. This gives you more room for writing things down. This may seem like just something to fill the box with, but I think this was a great idea to include something like this.

Were getting towards the end of this review now, lets see what we have next!
Next is a mug filled with some goodies inside of it. I'm sad to announce that the spoon that is attached to the mug didn't make it with the shipping :( But that's okay this is still a really great mug without the spoon.

Inside the mug there was a flash drive! How perfect is this?! I was actually planning to go out and get a new one soon, and now I don't need too lol. I go through these like crazy! So it's nice to have a few spares! I'm not sure of the GB for this, but that's okay I'm sure it will hold exactly what I need it to :)
The next item in this box is a product from a company by the name of Craftsman Soap company. This is a company I haven't heard of before. I love trying new products. The product that was included from them is called Plantain Lip Balm. Let's just say from the first sniff, I didn't think that this smelled anything like a plantain lol. I did decide to try it out on my lips and I do have to say this is super moisturizing and nourishing. I think this is a great product and I plan on using this a lot with this cold weather, this will be perfect.

Of course included in this box is sheet that includes a full description of each product and the brand information of each as well. This is pretty helpful. This was on top on the box but I decided to ignore that because I wanted to be surprised with what was inside this box! For my final thoughts on this box I would have to say I'm pretty impressed with this box. I think this is a great subscription box for college students. This doesn't just have to used my college students, this would be great for a lot of people. I could see college students being the most beneficial from this box however. I like all the products that were included in this box. I don't think there is anything I didn't like actually. I am excited to try them all out. GrabBin is super affordable and really flexible too, they range in prices from ($19.95-$24.95) so you can get the box that is perfect for you!
I want to thank everyone at GradBin for letting me review on of their boxes! I loved this box and the products that were inside! I hope to work with you guys in the future!
Make sure you check there website out and get your hands on your very own GradBin!

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