Friday, February 5, 2016

The Colour Polka Dot! Review!

Today I have a review for all of you from a shop on Etsy by the name of The Colour Polka Dot. This shop owner sent me a few different things to review. I am super excited to share all of them with you today.
The first item that was sent to me to review is this adorable Kawaii cookie that is made out of polymer clay. This cookie looks just like an Oreo and its so cute! I love how its small too. I think this is probably one of the cutest things I have seen made out of clay. She really did an amazing job with this piece. She sells these on her shop in a variety of colors as well, which is pretty cool.

On the back of this Oreo cookie she placed a small circular magnet which was a great idea. You can stick this guy anywhere and it would look soo cute! I am a huge fan of this, and as soon as I opened it I placed in on my fridge right away. I always get compliments from my friends about how adorable this cookie is. The magnet that she placed on the back of this is a pretty good magnet that can surprisingly hold a lot which is awesome.

Next up we have one of these headphone charm. I wasn't able to find this exact listing but I will include some of the same kind of products linked below. She does make a pretty good variety of these. The one that she sent me looks like an M&M. I now notice that you cant really tell in the picture that it is an M&M but I can assure you that it is lol. It has a small M on the front and it looks identical to one.

If you have no idea what a headphone jack charm is I will explain. Pretty much it is a a decoration that you can place inside the headphone jack to give your phone some extra decoration. I would say I am a fan of these because they can add a lot to your phone. I do have to admit that this is my first time trying one out and I am a fan. I do have to say that not only is this used for just décor, but I think this could double as some extra protection for you phone. By having this in your headphone jack you are now safe from getting anything inside the headphone jack which is pretty cool!
The last item I have to review for all of you is this bow. As all of you guys know bows are my favorite so I was really excited to see this little guy inside the package :) I'm not sure what the name of this print is but I really like it. It's not too crazy and its not too plain either. I think this bow would be perfect for pretty much ay outfit really. I like how she chose this one for me! I also like how big this bow is. Im sure you cant really tell from the picture but this bow is pretty long in size. I don't have any bows this big so I'm excited to try this one out. In her shop she modeled this one by having a big bun in her hair and placing this bow under the bun and it was perfect! I think that will be wearing this bow!
I love how the clip placed on the back is a simple alligator clip which is my favorite! This bow was made beautifully and I'm super thankful that I will be able to add this to my bow collection!

I am super impressed with these products. It's not everyday that I'm given the chance to review some unique products like these. I am super honored to be chosen to do so. I love this shop and the uniqueness in this shop. This shop owner is extremely talented and I really suggest you checking her shop out :)
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