Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ferosh Kitty Designs! Review!

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Today I have a review a few different jewelry items from a shop on Zibbet by the name of Ferosh Kitty Designs.
The first I have to review is a pair of earrings. These are Hamsa earrings, if you have no idea what I'm talking about Hamsa is the word used for the evil eye that is placed in the center of a hand. This symbol has a meaning of protection, like someone is watching over you. I love the meaning of this symbol, its such a positive meaning and I really like that. I have been seeing this symbol everywhere lately so I know a lot of people are a fan of this symbol as well. I love these earrings, they are my favorite style which is the dangle earrings. They start off with a small silver hand, and then attached to that is a  Hamsa . I love the pop of color the eye brings to these earrings. These are really well made and seem like they are super sturdy. I am really excited to wear these soon!
Next I have a beaded bracelet. Immediately when I seen this in the package I was instantly in love with the color scheme for this one. The colors for this bracelet are pink and purples, which so happen to be my favorite colors. I love the small beads on this piece, I like the dainty-ness of this piece. It's very simple and very pretty all at the same time. This bracelet is super light weight, which I am a huge fan of. I get annoyed with wearing jewelry at times and I know this will be perfect for me sense I wont be able to feel it when I'm wearing it! I do however have to say that this one feels the most fragile out of all the pieces that she sent me to review. That doesn't mean it's going to break or anything that just means that this one I'm going to need to really take care of, which is fine because I usually do anyways :)

Up next we have another paid or earrings. These ones are a dangle style as well. I like these ones, they are really pretty. These earrings have small infinity signs that are covered in rhinestones. At the bottom of each infinity sign there is  a gorgeous royal blue bead that dangles from the bottom of them. I love the pop of color that this small bead adds to the jewelry. I think that was the perfect color choice in making these earrings. These are super stylish and would go with practically any outfit which is nice. These are pretty light weight as well, which is perfect for people who have sensitive ears quite like myself lol.
We have another bracelet up next. The color scheme for this one is dark purples and blues. I am a fan of the color scheme for this one as well. I think that the colors go really well together. I love how she some smaller pieces of silver on this one as well. She even included a small pop of color at the bottom by adding two red beads. I love how she added these, it really does add a lot to the bracelet. These beads are pretty light weight too, but they aren't as light as the other bracelet I reviewed previously. This one does have a little weight to it, but not too much. I love the closure of this bracelet as well. I am unsure of the name of it but by the picture I'm sure you can see, but it has a circle on one side, and a small bar on the other and you just place the bar inside the circle. These make putting on jewelry a breeze! I get tired of asking people to help me put on jewelry lol, but this one is super easy to use by yourself.

The last jewelry item I have to review for all of you is a chandelier style pair of earrings. I love how these are super light weight as well. I am fan of this type of style earrings too! I love the color choice too, the red/pink is super pretty and will go with a lot of my outfits that I already own.

The last thing that was in this package was a Cover girl eyelash curler. I thought this was super sweet for her to include in this package for me. I will be putting this in one of my giveaways that will be coming up soon! So stay tuned for that :)

I am super impressed with the quality of all of these pieces that were sent to me to review. I love them all and I will be sure to get a lot of use out of these. I want to thank the owner of the Ferosh Kitty Designs for sending me these pieces to review. I highly recommend you all checking her out, she is super talented and has a million pieces to look through and im sure you are bound to find something that you will love!

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