Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Spoonful Of Awesome! Review!

Today I have a review for all of you from a shop on Etsy by the name of A Spoonful Of Awesome.

The item that was sent to my to review is this adorable canvas with the quote  "Today is a good day to have a good day". The canvas that she sent me is a smaller one which is an 8x10. These can come in a variety of sizes and colors. I love how these are super customizable. This is great because this can be made to match any room décor you already have. This canvas has a grey and yellow color scheme which I really like. To be honest with you grey and yellow I'm not typically a huge fan of. But for some reason on this canvas I really do like it. I think the colors go pretty well together. I love how bright the yellow is, it really contrasts nicely with the grey. This canvas was painted with grey paint over the entire piece. The yellow quote is actually a decal. The decal is vinyl and in my opinion this is placed perfectly on this little canvas. At first glance I didn't even know it was a decal. I just thought that this was all painted on.

This canvas was done beautifully. There are no flaws whatsoever. I am impressed with the quality of this piece. I am surprised with how well the decals are attached. I have gotten a few products with vinyl stickers attached on them, but sometimes they seem not to last that long. I can easily tell that isn't the case with this product. I am super excited to add this to my home and really glad that I have this as my own :)

I highly suggest checking out this shop for yourself Im sure you would be impressed with her products just like I was :)

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