Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DarlingDesignsbyDC! Review!

Today I have probably one of my favorite items to share with you guys. From a shop I have worked with quite a bunch in the past with my blog. The name of this shop is DarlingDesignsByDc and she has her shop on etsy. She is probably one of the most friendly shop owners I have met from doing my blog.

She sent me one of her newest bath bombs to review and I love this one! This bath bombs is in the scent BubbleGum! At first glance I was in love with this bath bombs because of its bright pink color :) I was super excited to see how this bath bomb would do in my tub! I waited a while on doing this blog because I was saving this bath bomb for reviewing!
To be 100% honest with you I am not a huge fan of the scent bubblegum in general but I was highly impressed with this bath bomb. I didn't think it was an over powering scent and thought it smelled pretty good. In my opinion I thought that this had more of a sweet scent to it rather than a bubble gum scent. I thought this one was pretty amazing to be honest. I am a hugeee lover of sweet scents so this one was a really good hit with me! I love how bright the color is in this bomb. It turned my bath tub pink and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. This is probably one of the best bath bombs I have tried in my entire life to be honest with all of you. I cant believe how low her prices are as well. It's truly incredible because bath bombs can be super expensive and if you do go with a cheaper alternative then they usually aren't the best quality. I can assure you that isn't the case with these bath bombs! You will truly be in heaven with this bath bomb!

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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