Monday, February 1, 2016

Cats Unique Beads! Review!

 I received two jewelry items from a shop on etsy by the name of  Cats Unique Beads.
The first item that she sent me to review are these gorgeous earrings. As you can see from picture these are pretty unique in there style. I love the beads that were used for these earrings. They have  the color scheme of purple and pink which are my two favorite colors. So they earrings were a huge hit with me. They are also dangly earrings which is awesome as well. I love how they  are super light weight, which is perfect for me sense I have really sensitive ears.
Next up is a gorgeous bracelet. These beads on the bracelet are the same style of those that are on the earrings. These don't really match but they do look similar in the style. I love the colors in the one as well. It is super colorful. Having so many colors in this makes it perfect for pairing it with a nice outfit to match.

Here's a close-up of the bracelet so you can what the beads look like up close. As you can tell from this picture they are packed with color. There are hints of green, orange, blue and even some purple. I think this bracelet is gorgeous and unique. There is no way you will find anything like this in any store other then in this shop.

I love the closure of this bracelet too! These are my favorite types, because they are really easy to put on and off especially if your by yourself lol, These are super easy to do all by yourself.

Make sure you check out this shop here:

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