Monday, February 1, 2016

Treat Beauty! Review!

Treat Beauty Natural and Organic Lip Balms, Lip Scrubs and Body Creams
I received three different products from online store that goes by the name of Treat!
The three products that I go are 2 jumbo lip balms and 1 lip scrub.

The first product is one of the jumbo lip balms. This one is in the scent Marshmallow cream. Let me just tell you I am huge fan of sweet scents that smell like food, and this smells amazing!! I am in love with the scent it literally smells just like a marshmallow. I am amazed by this. This made my lips feel amazing and really soft as well.

As you can see from this image these lip balms are pretty big in size. There is a lot of product packed inside these lip balms, which means these are going to last you quite some time which is awesome.
I received the same product but in a different scent. This one is in the scent Coconut cream. I liked this one as well. I thought it smelt really good, and was super moisturizing as well. On this website they have so many of these listed for sale, and all the scents just sounds amazing so it was really hard to be able to pick out which scent that I wanted. I am super impressed with the ones that I chose and loved using these products.
To math the Marshmallow cream lip balm, they sent me a lip scrub which is in the same scent. I have used one of these in the past but it was one that was in a jar so I was unsure how this would be sense it was in a tube. I just didn't know how this would go. I instantly thought this would be a super messy product to use.
Let me just tell you boy was  wrong. Making these in these jumbo tubes is an amazing idea. This is so much more sanitary too. You don't have to stick your finger in a jar or anything. You simple take the top off and twist the product up and BOOM your ready to go. This product is amazing and I am a huge fan of the packaging for this one. I think this is genius idea, and I'm so glad that I own my very own :) I loved using this product and thought it did a great job at exfoliating my lips.

I am super impressed with the all the products that I have tried from this brand. I have to say that the name of each scent of the product is pretty spot on to how they smell. I would love to try some more products from this brand. I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. I want to thank everyone at Treat for sending me these products! I truly do love them!

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