Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tombox Subscription Box Review!
Today I have another subscription box for you to review. This one is another one I have never heard of before I did this review. I love the whole concept behind this subscription box. This is a box that is delivered once and month, and it is packed with pretty much anything you could need during your time of the month, such as tampons, pads, jewelry, makeup, and of course chocolate! lol I love the whole idea behind this box. The box I received just didn't contain any pads or tampons. The price of these boxes start at $10 which is super reasonable. So lets get into this review and see what was sent to me!
The first makeup product that was sent to me was this mascara which is by the brand of Measurable Difference. This is a brand I never heard of before, but I'm always up for trying out new makeup, especially new makeup brands because you never know! In my opinion you cant really ever go wrong with a mascara so this will definitely be used at some point lol. 

Inside the small velvet pouch was my first jewelry item. First let me just say I love how this came in a little pouch, this make it easy to carry and not loose them, especially if your anything like me and just happen to lucky enough to always loose one earring lol. When I first got a glance at this earrings I thought they were just normal everyday studs, which I was excited about because you literally can never have enough of them lol.

I was wrong however, these are dangle type earrings. I do have to say I don't have a pair of earrings like these and I really like them. I think they are super pretty and could be worn with practically any outfit. I do have to say I wore these after reviewing this box and I loved them. They are super light weight and I really just like how they looked on me. I think these are simple, but yet really elegant as well.

The next item is another jewelry item and this one is actually a bracelet. instantly I was in love with this as soon as I seen it. The color scheme was definitely something that I could wear with a lot of my wardrobe. I love how all these bracelets have different beads and are very unique. I do have to say, doesn't this just like a stack of bangles? 

WRONG! this is just one bracelet! How cool is that!? I have seen this before and once again I don't have anything like this either. I think this is perfect because its so easy to take on and off, and usually this is the kind of jewelry I wear, a lot of different bangles, and this just makes it 100 times easier. Anything that helps me save some time in the morning is something that I am a big fan of  lol.

You cant be on your lady time and not have chocolate! Lol I do have to say I am not a fan of chocolate at all, and the only time that I can tolerate it, is when I am on my time of the month. I do have to say these are one of the very few chocolate candies that I will even eat.  These are just dark chocolate snow caps, and I am super excited to eat these lol.

The suspense is killing me of what is inside this adorable small box that says Beautiful on it, so lets take a peek inside and see what is hiding!
Oh wow look at all these products that were inside! I am super shocked to be honest with you that all of these could fit into this box! Lets get a closer look at each one!

The first product is a clear coat nail polish which is by the brand Color Club. I have to say this is probably one of my all time favorite nail polish brands. I don't actually think I have  clear coat by them yet which is really surprisingly actually lol. I do have to say I will get a lot of use out of this because clear is pretty much the only color I ever use, just because I go to the nail salon so much, but in between trips I apply clear nail polish and it makes them much more shiny and makes them look a little better. I am super excited about this product.

An exfoliating facial cleanser is up next. This is by the brand Vasanti which is brand I don't think I have ever heard of. Im always looking for new facial scrubs so I'm sure I will really like this one. This is enriched with papaya, so I had to take a little sniff. I do have to say this product smells really good, which is rare to me lol. Usually when I find a good facial scrub this scent is usually awful lol, so I'm super happy about this!
The next product is a shadow and liner stick which in the color silver. I haven't really decided if I will be keeping this or not which is why I didn't take the packaging off. Silver isn't typically a color I would go for, but that's okay! I always swap makeup with my friends, and I'm sure I could find someone who would use this more then I would. This is by the brand Palladio which is actually a brand that I own a lot of products from. I know for a fact this is an awesome product.
The next two products are lip products which are my favorite lol. This is just a lip crayon by the brand Lord & Berry which is brand I never have heard of before. I love the color of this product is a beautiful mauve pink. This is the type of color I usually go for so I know for a fact I will get a lot of use out if which is super exciting!

Alright the time has come and we are at the last product that was in my TomBox! This is a lip-gloss which is by the brand of IrisColors. This is another brand I have never heard of before. I do have to say I am  huge fan of lip-glosses and you cant really ever go wrong with them lol. In the tube this looks like a red color, but once you apply it its much more clear then it is red. This lip-gloss is super wearable. I was a little ehhh when I seen it was red, but I am so glad I tried it out and seen that it was actually clear!
I am in love with the subscription box. I think this is a very genius idea. I am beyond impressed with the amount of products that I got, and I love the variety of them all as well. I think you get such an amazing value for the little amount of money that you would be spending of this box. I definitely think you should check them out for yourself and get your very own subscription!

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