Monday, February 22, 2016! Review

Today for a review for you on and online store that goes by the name of and they sent me two different products to share with you and give you my full review on. I'm so excited to do this review for you all!

The first type of product that was sent to me is called there hard lotion. Your probably thinking what the heck is that?!  Allow me to explain, pretty much all it is, is a solid form of lotion and while you are using it the lotion starts to melt with your body temperature turning it into a lotion that you are more familiar with. As we gets little further down in this review you will see some pictures of what this product really looks like. Anyways, I have seen a few companies makes these solid lotion products and I have been very curious to try them out for myself. They sent me two different scents one is a chocolate scent and the other is just a plain honey scented one.



This is what the lotion looks like when you open the can. They are pretty big chunks to be honest with you. I wasn't expecting them to be that big. Each one is wrapped in wax paper so it doesn't melt. Which was another thing I was worried about. I can assure you that these arrived in perfect condition none of these were melted at all which is really hard to believe considering I live in Florida. Lol

This is what the product looks like out of the paper. As you can see it's a nice size. And it's pretty thick. I only tried this one, which is the honey one because I'm not a huge chocolate fan. I like the scent of this one it smells pretty good and isn't too overpowering at all which is awesome. I can assure you if you like chocolate you will love the chocolate one, it smells just like the real thing! So these products are pretty cool, there very different which is what I really like the most about them. It's not everyday you see lotion like this. I think this is a perfect product for winter time. Not so much summer especially where I live. These would melt all over in a heartbeat. I really do like the concept of this idea. This is perfect if your in a hurry or if you just need to apply some lotion to a smaller area. Personally I think this is great for moisturizing your hands. I really do like this product and I recommend checking it out and trying it for yourself.

Next up we have one of their lip balms. Let me just tell you they couldn't have done a better job at picking a scent that I would enjoy lol. Peppermint is my all time favorite scent so I was super excited to see this one was in my package. I have about a million peppermint lip balms but you really can't have enough to right?! Lol

As you can see this looks like your everyday lip balm that you see pretty much everywhere. I think this is very good lip balm to be honest with you. I think it is super moisturizing and really does a good at making you feel refreshed I think peppermint is perfect for making you feel awake and energized for the day. So I have been keeping this next to my bed and using it every morning when I wake up and I really like it.
I am super excited about both of these products, they are so nice and I will definitely  be using them till there all gone lol. I want to thank everyone at for sending me some products to review, I think they were awesome and I'm so glad I now own some :) This website is packed with all kinds of products, there really is a lot to look out so I highly recommend checking out this website. I'm certain that you will find something you cant live without lol.



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