Monday, February 22, 2016! Review

Today I have a review for all of you from an online store by the name of I have never heard about this website before, so I was super excited to try them out. I live in Florida where it's extra sunny, like all the time lol. I'm constantly wearing sunglasses, even in the winter. I have several pairs, and I'm always loosing them somewhere. I was excited when I was looking at this website, I seen so many awesome pairs of sunglasses for super cheap too!
I found a pair that I loved instantly! These fit my sunglass style perfectly. They are big, but not too big. They are kind of like an aviator style too. I have several pairs that look similar to this style. I am super excited to add these to my collection. I really like these ones, they are pretty sturdy actually, which is perfect for me because I'm not the best at taking care of my sunglasses at time lol. I am always finding them at the bottom of my purse, and I'm always dropping them lol Oopsies. I can honestly say that this took on my roughness pretty well lol. I wore these everyday for a full week so I could see how well they would hold up and they did amazing. I received several compliments throughout the week on these glasses and where they could get them. I had a few people that were surprised  on how cheap these are.
I think at first glance when you look at these you really wouldn't guess that they are cheap at all. I think they almost have like a designer feel to them. I love the shape of the actual eyeglass part. I think its a little different and I don't have anything like that. I also love how this particular style comes in an array of colors, and of course I had to go with pink. I love how the accents of the pink are so suddle and really not noticeable at all. I love pink don't get me wrong but sometimes it just doesn't go with everything, but these make it perfect to be able to rock the pink, and still match all of your outfits. I highly recommend this online store for all your sunglasses needs! I think they are pretty good quality, and if your anything like me you can never have too many sunglasses. These glasses are only $9.99. I was unable to find the correct link to these glasses but if you are interested in this same exact pair the item number is GN0835U and the color is pink. I highly suggest checking this site out and picking out a few pairs, now is a perfect time considering spring break and summer is right around the corner!
I want to thank everyone at Sunglasses Love for sending me these pair of glasses to review, I love them so much! and I cant wait to work with you some more in the future!
Check out their website here:

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