Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rising Sun Snacks! Subscription Box Review! & Coupon Code

I don't know about all of you but when It comes to trying some new foods I am all about it lol. When I heard about this brand I was super excited to try it out and review it for all of you. This is a subscription service that brings yummy food right to your door! What else could you possibly want lol. The box that I will be reviewing is their February box. I am super excited to share this box with all of you today!

 The box that I am reviewing for you today came with 5 different snacks!

The very first thing that was in this box was a snack called Strawberry cocoa granola. Just by the name alone I knew this was going to be something that I would really enjoy :) I am a huge fan of granola and strawberry, to be honest thought I am not a huge chocolate person, but I'm always up for trying some new things. This is super rich snack. I think the flavor is pretty amazing, and spot on to it's name. I could easily sit down and eat this whole bag, but I don't think that would be a good choice lol. I ate this two different ways, I simply just snacked on it, and then I added this to the top of my oatmeal. I liked adding this to my plain oatmeal it gave some really good extra flavor. I think this is perfect. I bet this would be amazing in yogurt as well. Overall I think this is a pretty good snack, and probably one of the best granolas I have ever had. I have never tried anything quite like before. Most of the granolas that I have ever tasted were just plain, or a cinnamon flavor, so I really like how different this one is.

Up next we have Cupid's Arrow, which is a trail mix. Can we just take  minute and talk about how adorable the name is. I love how they named this to go with the Valentines theme for their February box. I am a gigantic fan of trail mixes so I knew right away that I would more then likely love this. In this trail mix there are cranberries, yogurt covered raisins almonds, cashews and chocolate covered expresso beans. Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is lol. I love the combination of all these flavors, I was pretty surprised by how well of these went together. I think my favorite ingredient in this mix was the chocolate covered expresso beans. It is a super strong flavor, but if your a big coffee nut like myself then you will love these too! I'm not a huge fan of cashews or almonds but I do have to say in this mix they tasted really good.

The next snack is Cinnasweet pretzels. This was the most fought over snack in this box lol. My boyfriend and I were fighting over these, lets just say they didn't last too long in the house. These are pretty simple, they are just cinnamon sugar covered pretzels. I was so amazed with the flavor of these too. The saltiness of the pretzels, with the sweet cinnamon just go perfectly together. I think out of the entire box this was my favorite snack. I hope they carry these again in the future I was really impressed with these. 

Dark chocolate tropical fruits is up next. This a mix of papaya and pineapple, with some pieces covered in dark chocolate. This is another rich snack. I couldn't see eating more then just a piece or two of these, they are really tasty, but also really sweet as well. I don't really like dark chocolate but I tried it anyways. I think they did a good job at not putting too much chocolate, which was something I was a little worried about. I think the fruit was amazing. The texture was really nice, it was easy to eat and was really soft which I was kinda surprised about

The last snack that was in this box is called Cacao goji energy bites. It as healthy as it sounds lol. I have tried some of these "power balls" before but nothing quite like this. This one contains a lot of ingredients such as coconut, dates, and sunflower seeds. It doesn't stop their with the ingredients the list really does keep going lol. I would say these were probably my least favorite in the box. I think the chocolate flavor was a little strong for my liking, but lets just say they got eaten. My boyfriend was a huge fan of these. I think the flavor for these were a little strong too. I did like the texture of these, I have tried foods like this before and they are usually really dry, but these weren't they were really soft and squishy which really surprised me.

That's it for this months Rising Sun Snacks. I have to say that I am super impressed with this subscription box. I have tried a lot of food boxes before, but I do have to say this is the best one I have tried yet. The portions are really big, and I love how all the bags are re-sealable. This is perfect if your like me and have to try everything right away lol. I also really like how the ingredients and nutrition facts are on the back of each snack. I think this is an amazing box and I'm proud to announce that there will be more reviews from this box coming as well!
I want to thanks everyone at Rising Sun Snacks for including me in this. I am so excited to see what's in store for next month's box.
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Make sure you check them out here, and order you very own box :)

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