Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love Beauty Outlet! Review! And Coupon Code!

Today I have a very awesome and fun review for all of you from an online shop by the name of Love Beauty Outlet!  The name is just music to my ears lol. Who doesn't like discounted makeup?! I know buying cosmetics online and be a little scary especially when they say discounted. It just makes you wonder how the quality will actually be! I am hear to share my 100% honest experience with you about this company. The reason why all of these cosmetics are so cheap is because  they buy in wholesale and they buy cosmetics that might be discontinued. Sometimes brands just discontinue certain colors of a product, or they discontinue it because it wasn't a big as a hit they were hoping for. I can assure you all the makeup that I got from this website came perfect! Stay tuned to the end up of review for my coupon code that was made for all of you guys so you can get some amazing deals on some makeup products for yourself!
The first group of products that were sent to me are the Elf lipsticks. They sent me 6 of these total, which are in 2 different colors. If you have never heard of Elf you should! Elf is an amazing brand that is pretty cheap too, but there products work amazing! I usually buy these at Target and they are $1.
I love how these are packaged up so you don't need to worry about them exploding when they are being shipped to you the two colors that were sent to me are Posh and Nostalgic.

This is what they look out of the packaging and I do have to say that I like both of these colors, and I don't have either of them which is a huge surprise to me lol. One is a really nice nude you could wear with pretty much anything and the other is a nice deep red which I think would be perfect for wearing out on the town.

Here are some swatches of the two side by side. Please ignore the other colors on my hand from other makeup products lol. As you can see the darker color posh applied really nicely with lots of pigmentation in this one. I like this color. I think I like the color better when it is applied. The nude color you can barely see, but that's okay I think this might be a good color as a base.
The next group of products I almost fainted when I seen these in the package from them! These are the color whispers by Maybelline, and these are my all time favorite lipsticks ever! I have so many of these it's not even funny lol. I have spent so much money on these in the past. I wish I would have discovered this website a long time ago. I would buy these from Target and Walmart for around $7-$8 a piece.


They sent me a pretty big variety of all of these lipsticks which makes me really excited lol. They included 5 of them, and 4 of them are different shades. They really did an amazing job at including a wide range of colors for me!
Below is a picture of some swatches that I did so you can see for yourself how amazing these lipsticks are. They included a dark red color, two lighter nude colors and a pink color. I think my favorite is the pink one. I will be sure to get all kinds of use out of all of these and I am so excited! These apply so nicely and easily it's almost like applying a chapstick and color pay off is incredible.

I'm sure you all have heard of these before. The infamous BabyLips! I am pretty sure I have this entire collection plus a few more lol. I was obsessed with these when they came out, and I have no shame for that lol. If you have never tried these before you are missing out! These are super hydrating and they smell amazing, they have made so many different kinds of these and now they have some that have a little tint of color to them.

The two that they sent me are in peach. Let me just tell you these smell amazing! I think that is my favorite thing about Babylips and the adorable packaging lol. I normally get these from Walmart, Target, Cvs and other places for around $3 and on this website they have them as low as $1.50 which is incredible.

L'Oreal is up next! They sent me two of their infallible lip glosses. They sent me two of the same color which is perfectly fine with me! I'm not even going to lie when I seen this color I thought it was going to look just like this on my lips, which I wasn't to excited for lol. I was wrong though after I applied this I was glad to see what it really looked like. I did make a picture o a swatch but then realized it was pointless sense you could barely see this product. It just has a nice shimmer to it, it doesn't really give off much color. I think this would be perfect on top of any lipstick, or it would also be good alone too!

I have 4 more L'Oreal products up next and these ones didn't have the name written on it, so I apologize in knowing this name.  They sent me 4 and 2 of them are different colors. The two colors sent to me are Lilac ever after and Pink resistance.

To be honest with you I don't think I have ever tried these before or have actually heard of them either, but I could be wrong. I like trhe shades that they sent. They are pretty similar but these are shades that are very easy to wear and I'm excited to use these. I really like the formula of the glosses of these ones. I think these will have amazing wear, which is nice because I hate to re apply lip products!
Sadly I am at the last product to review for all of you and that is some Maybelline nail polishes called color show. They sent me some awesome colors! All of these which I would definitely wear! I remember seeing these in the store and wanting to try them, but not buying them because of the price. I remember them costing around $7 a piece which can get expensive especially if you want to get a few to try out.
I decided to show you all what these look like too on a white piece of paper, with one gentle swatch. As you can see these have pretty good color payoff too. I don't even think you would need to apply two coats either which is awesome! I love the colors that they sent me. I think the silver one is pretty opaque but would make an awesome top coat on any other color. I think they other colors are amazing and would be great alone.
I am super obsessed with this website and I really hope to work with them again! I think the deals they have on their website are truly amazing. This is the place if your looking to try out some new makeup and not break the bank! They have a wide range of awesome beauty products and I hope you take advantage of this amazing coupon code they created for me so all you guys can use!
"Dani15" will give you 15% off your entire purchase! How awesome is that you will really be scoring with this deal!
I also want to thank everyone at Love Beauty Outlet so including me in reviewing your shop! I hope to feature you again soon!

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