Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Today for a review I have a few candle type products from an online store by the name of

The first type of product that was sent to me to review are some wax melts. These are just sample versions of the packs of these that she sells. I love these, just because this gives you a feel for the scent before buying a pack of it which is cool. As far as scents go she did an amazing job at including a good combination of all types of scents.

Birthday cake- this scent is always one of my favorites. I found this scent to be amazing, it's very sweet and smells really yummy

Cucumber Melon- Also another one of my all time favorites, it's super fruity and I thought the scent in this one was really nice, it was a bit strong but wasn't too much either. It was perfect.

Old World Christmas- This one has the perfect name in my opinion. When I smelt this one I instantly thought about Christmas.

Balsam Fir- This smells amazing!! It smells just like a Christmas Tree

I used these samples in my Scentsy and I loved them! They melted really nicely and smelt up my entire living room space. I did find that some of these were more powerful in scent then others, which was fine because sometime you don't want something as strong in your house and other times you do. I found that the Birthday cake one wasn't so strong and didn't last as long. I did love this scent the most though! Balsam Fir I found to be pretty strong, I left this in my Scentsy for about a week and was super surprised with how well the scent lasted. This one smelt up my entire house which was awesome.

I was really impressed with these. The price for a pack of these only costs regularlly $2.50 but right now on her site they are only $1.99! You really cant beat the price of these. I'm sure you would fall in love with these just like I did.

Next up we have some votive candles to review.

Bayberry- This had a sweet smell but also had a woodsy scent to it.

Pineapple Sage- In my opinion I was just able to smell the pineapple and that is it. I'm not complaining though! I really love pineapple!

Harvest Gathering- Smelt like cinnamon. This had a really "Home-y" feel to it

Pineapple Coconut- This one smelt amazing. I'm not even going to lie this is the first product I used out of this entire review and I loved it!

I actually enjoyed these candles. I don't typically go for votive candles, just because I usually use my Scentsy or I like to burn bigger candles. I found these perfect for the bathroom. I actually enjoyed these around my bathtub. These are the perfect size. I'm glad I tried something new and was able to really enjoy these!

The next type of product I have to review is candles that are in tins! These are adorable and I really liked the packaging for these, very simple but yet very cute as well! This one is a little smaller then the other two I have in the same type of packaging. The scent of this one is Christmas trees, and let me just tell you this is spot on! It smells just like a Christmas tree! This candle really makes me miss Christmas time. I do like this candle I find it to be very refreshing and clean smelling. The fragrance for this one was super powerful as well. I am being completely honest when I say that this candle smelt up my entire house! I was pretty amazed with this.
Next up we have Strawberries and Cream, and this one is amazing as well. This candle instantly made my mouth water and made me extremely hungry lol. Food and Fruit scented candles are my all time favorite, so I was super excited to see this in the box. I haven't lit this one yet, but I'm sure this will be amazing just like the others.
Jamaican Island is the last candle I have to review from SummersCandles. Now this one is something I don't normally go for. This smelt like a floral candle, which is usually not my favorite scents but I gave it a try. I lit this in my bathroom and I actually enjoyed it. It smelt pretty good. I wasn't super impressed with the scent of this one, but I did like it.
.....Just kidding I have one last candle to review for you all and this one is probably my favorite as far as looks go. If you can see from the image below this candle looks like a little cupcake and it's super adorable. I love how cute this one is! This one wasn't labeled with what scent it is, but I am just going to guess that it's a peppermint scented candle. I don't think I will ever light this one, just because of how cute it is lol. I think this one makes great d├ęcor as well!

I'd have to say these candles are amazing. All of the scents I received are amazing. I cant get over the range of scents that this shop offers, along with the variety of candle types there are to choose from. The prices are extremely low and the quality is pretty top notch. I suggest checking this shop out for yourself. I know you wont be disappointed.
I really hope to work with this shop again in the future

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