Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two Rivers Coffee On Amazon! Review!

Today I have a review for you guys on some Keurig cups from a shop on amazon by the name of Two Rivers coffee. I did an extremely bad job at taking pictures of these, because there was literally so many that came in the box and I tried so many of them. The picture below is the cups that I have left from me trying most of them out. I do however would like to apologize to Two Rivers Coffee for delaying this review, reviewing coffee takes a lot longer then I thought it would. I wanted to try to provide you with the best review that I could with this product. The box of Keruig cups that I received was a box of 40, and let me just tell you that is a lot of coffee lol. There were so many flavors that grabbed me when I opened this box for the first time. I do have to say this variety pack is pretty awesome. It included a lot of flavors that would interest pretty much anyone. For example this box contained a lot of vanilla coffee which is my all time favorite. It also contained a lot of chocolate variations, which I am not a huge fan of but a few members in my family so as far as that goes it worked out perfect. This box contained a lot of coffee's that I have never even seen being a Keruig cup before. The coolest thing about this box is that it contained a mystery flavor, it was a Keruig cup with a big question mark on it. We tried that one right away and we couldn't guess that one, me and my boyfriend both agree it was something that was chocolate but who knows? lol As far as quality goes with these Keruig cups go I would say these are pretty nice. The flavors  are pretty awesome and the assortment is great. I could see these being a big hit in a household with a lot of family members, just because there really is something for everyone.
My favorite flavor out of the entire box was this one which is called Maple Sleigh. I found this to be probably the sweetest one in the entire box. It was really packed with flavor and I found it to be very refreshing. I love sweet coffee so this one was a hit for me.
I enjoyed pretty much all of these coffee's and found them to be pretty delicious. I love how many different flavors there were to try. I think this is way better then buying a box in the store, because then you are limited to having a few flavor. This box will really make you open to trying so new things, which is always really good.
I highly recommend this shop on Amazon and highly suggest checking them out!

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