Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Esalon.com Review!

I was given a really awesome opportunity to review some products from an online shop by the name of Esalon.com. I was given a credit to use in their shop, which was awesome. I was able to pick out products that I would actually use. Just by browsing their online store I was impressed with how many products they have. They really do have a product for every type of hair, which is awesome to see such a huge assortment. They also offer a subscription service where you can receive up to three different products a month. I am very interested in trying that out for sure.
I also would like to make a side note and let you all know that I decided to post this blog, a lot later then intended. I wanted to try both of these products out for a while, so I could give you a full review on both of them.

The first product I received from Esalon is called "Perfect Ending" which is a leave in conditioner. I decided to try this out just because my hair is super dry, and I thought this would help with that. I have seen all kinds of leave in conditioners at the drug store and pretty much all over, and have been super curious to try them. When I seen this in the shop I thought now was the perfect opportunity. I do have to say I have used the product quite a lot, it's actually almost gone now which is super upsetting. I thought this product was amazing. It did a good job at moisturizing my hair, and also making it smell soo good. The scent of this product reminded me a lot of Tresemme. I loved the scent, it smelt super clean and refreshing.

I deiced to include a picture of the label just so you can see the ingredients and other information of this product that you might be interested in knowing. The instructions are pretty simple for this product. You wash your hair, and then towel dry it so it's still a little wet but not sopping wet. Then you apply a nickel size amount and apply that to your hair. It says avoid putting it on your roots. I think that's because it may make your hair look a little more greasy. Sense I am not good at reading instrutions I didn't see that little part until after I applied the product.....to my roots lol. I do have to say it didn't really make my roots feel greasy or anything, so if you end up accidentally putting it on your roots then don't worry lol. I have to say I am pretty much in love with this product and would love to get some more of this!

Next up we have "Straight to the heart" which is a straightening hair mist. To be completely and 100% honest with you I originally thought this product was just a heat protectant spray, but nope I was wrong lol. This product is to help with reducing frizz when blow drying your hair. I did however use the products both ways though just to see if they would work like that. The first way I used the product was the way you are suppose to use it, by simply spraying this into your damp hair and then blow drying it. I have to say I did a get a new blow dyer for Christmas and I used this product and I was pretty in love with how straight and frizz free my hair was. Then I decided to use this product the incorrect way. I sprayed this in my dry hair right before I straightened it. I do have to say I am not sure how much protection this would have for your hair, but I did like this product that was as well.

I have to say for my final opinion on this company I am super impressed. Both of the products that I tried out are probably some of the best hair care products I have used in my hair. I am super curious to try some more of these products and I really hope to work with this company again in the future. I also want to thank everyone at Esalon.com for sending me some products to review.
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