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I received some pretty awesome makeup samples from an online website that is called The people that work for this company sent me a lot of different products for me to try out and test for all of you, so I'm very super excited for this review today. Who doesn't love makeup?
So as you can see in the image below each one of these makeup products came in it's own individual box. I was super impressed just by the boxes upon opening my package from this company. Being impressed just by the boxes didn't stop there. The packaging for these products are so well done. This first product I received is a makeup base. I'm not super picky when coming to makeup, I'm always up for trying new products and was super excited to see this in the package. I wish I would have taken more pictures of this product for you all to see but I totally spaced on this one. I like how this "base" is more like a tinted one, most of the ones I have are just white, so I was excited to try a new type of product I have never even tried before.
I do have to say after opening this box of products, I in fact had to play with all this makeup right away lol. I ended up using each of the products and did my makeup with all of them.
This product I really liked. It went on really nicely, and made my face feel very smooth and clean. It didn't have much of a scent which was a great thing, sense most makeup smells like.... not so good lol. I didn't find this product overly amazing, but I did really like this one. I'm not sure it did any better of a job at keeping my makeup on then any other product I have found, but I did like the way it made my skin feel. This is a product I will definitely keep using until its gone. I also like how this product is in a pump bottle, which makes this easier to use!

Next up we have a high definition powder, and let me just tell you all this packaging is amazing for this one as well. As you can see it have that gorgeous reflective plastic on the outside.

This is what it looks like when you open it, right on top there is a small square sponge that is on its own little platform, which is on top of the powder. I love how this has a different section for the sponge, so it doesn't have to sit in the powder the whole time. I'm not a huge fan of these sponges, so when I used this product I decided to ditch the sponge and use my own little brush.

I used this, and thought this was a pretty good product. I liked the color of this one and thought it went well with my skin tone which was pretty awesome. I thought this had pretty good coverage and could easily use this product alone if you wanted. I used this with the liquid foundation (which I will get to soon) I thought it went over that pretty nicely, I didn't think it made my face look "cakey" or greasy. I thought this formula was pretty amazing and perfect. I don't think there would be anything bad to say about this one either, just that the sponge that it came with is kinda ehhhh but that personal opinion, if you like using sponges you would easily like this sponge.

The next product I have is a high definition loose powder. This is actually the one product that I have never tried in my life, so I was excited to try this one as well.
The packaging for this product was pretty on point as well if I do say so myself lol. The entire lid is super sparkley and glittery, which I am a huge fan of.
Inside there was a teeny tiny facial brush. As you can see from the picture it is tiny!! Lol I don't know if this brush was just for a little decoration, or if they truly think you could use this. I think this is wayyyyy to small and there would be no way I would even try to use such a thing lol. I do think it's super cute though, and I do love how they put a little bow on top of it. I used this as pretty much a finishing powder. I'm not sure if that how you should use this product but that's the way I chose to use it lol. I thought this was a very light weight powder. I loved this one as well. I couldn't imagine using this product on its own, just because I don't think it would really do much at all, but as far as setting a liquid foundation I think this would be your pretty fit.
This next product is a primer. I was kinda confused when I seen this just because I they sent me a makeup base, so I was kinda confused on what this product actually was.
This product was in a pump bottle as well, which we all now know that I am pretty much a big fan of.
I did a swatch of you all to see what it looks like on skin. Pretty much what this product is, a facial moisturizer. I use moisturizer pretty much 24/7 and I'm constantly trying new ones out so I was sooo happy to see this product was included in the package to review.  I did apply this to my skin before anything, and I do have to say this did have a scent to it. I wasn't a huge fan of that, but I mean it wasn't terrible. As far as this product goes, I think it did it's job, and did a pretty good job at it as well. I think this made my skin super soft. I think moisturizer is key at applying makeup and this one is pretty great in my opinion.
Alright now we are down to the very last product I have to review for all of you today. The liquid foundation.
This liquid foundation is in a pump bottle as well, which was a nice touch to this product. I hate liquids that you need to pour out so this makes application at least 10 times eaiser and more enjoyable in my opinion.
My favorite part about the packaging for this guy has got to be the little window on the side to see how much product you have used. I thought that a pretty cool feature actually.

I received the color f20 if any of you are wondering. I thought this color was little dark for my skin tone, especially now when it's winter when I'm extra pale, but that's okay. I will hang on to this and use it more once I get a little darker over the summer. I was able to use this product and try it out for you all to hear about my opinion on it. I thought the consistency of this product was pretty good. It wasn't too thick and it also wasn't too runny either. I thought this product was really blendable and pretty easy to work with. I wouldn't recommend using a lot of this, just because I could easily see how this would make you look like you have a "cakeface" if you used to much. As far as this product goes I really liked this one too, it was just a little dark for my pale self lol.

Before this review, I have never ever heard of this product before. I had no knowledge of any of these products before, so these opinions are nothing but the truth. I really did enjoy them all to be honest. The packaging is really nice as well.
I highly recommend these makeup products and I really think you should all try some out for yourself :)
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