Sunday, November 15, 2015

TheBlueLionBoutique on Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received some awesome fall décor from a shop on Etsy by the name of TheBlueLionBoutique

The first type of items that she sent is a set of hand  painted mason jars. I love this set that she sent me this is perfect for Halloween and Fall time. I think these would be great to decorate your home for the holidays, and they can actually be pretty handy as well. You can use these to hold pretty much anything.

The first one in the set of 3 is this bright orange one. I love this bright orange, I wish you could tell the shade by these pictures but you really can't this is something you really need to see in person to get the full effect on what these really look. All the paint used on these is matted which is pretty awesome, sense I know that is super popular right now.

The next one is probably my favorite one, its a black and orange one. This is kinda like an ombre effect. I love how these two colors pretty much fade together, and they look really nice. All these mason jars have little pieces of twin string tied across the top of them. I love how she included this. It really adds to the whole fall style, and goes pretty perfectly. It make it look very "fall-ish" and warm which I love :)

The last one in the set is just a plain black one. I like this one because black is a color that you can pretty much use year round and it goes with pretty much all decor that you have.  I have so many idea on how to use these. My first idea is placing these on my bathroom vanity, sense I don't have any fall decor in there at the moment and this will be perfect. I can use these to hold Q-tips, cotton balls and a few other little things. My other idea is using these in my kitchen and placing these on the counter and filling these with little candies, I think they will be adorable little candy dishes. I am torn on what to do lol, but i'm sure I will definitely get my use out of these.

Now the last thing I have to share with all of you, I almost fainted when I seen it inside the box lol. It's a super glittery pumpkin! and it is just gorgeous! I am in love with this, you can never have too much glitter and that's the truth for sure lol. I think this is the perfect decoration for fall. I plain on using this as my center piece in my dining room. This is going to be perfect for my Thanksgiving dinner. I am so excited to use this as decor. This is another piece you could use all during the fall.

These pieces of decor would be great gifts for anyone during the fall time, these would be perfect for someone who is going to be in a new home this fall season.

I have worked with this shop owner in the past and she is always a delight. She is super nice and friendly, I am always impressed with her products and she makes such a huge variety, it's really amazing. She is extremely talented and I highly recommend this shop, it's one my favorites by far.

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